5 easy ways to check Bandhan bank balance – With SMS banking codes

Bandhan Bank, the youngest private lender in the country, has over 11 million customers. Bank account holders of Bandhan Bank can now check their account balance, view the mini statement, check transactions, pay bills among others using the quick services (SMS services) offered by the bank.

What are SMS Banking & uses? 

SMS (short message service) banking has become a rising trend in the financial industry. With online banking, customers get the ability to access their financial information online. But with SMS banking, customers can manage their bank accounts via text messaging.

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This growth is being driven by the rise of mobile phones and consumer demand for any time, anywhere banking. Customers can manage their accounts ranging from checking account balances, monitoring funds transfers and making payments using this method.

To be successful, it’s very important that banks acquire as many customers as possible to reach the scale where they can turn those users into profit for the bank through new services and products.

Requirements of checking balance

  • Registered mobile number (Customers can send their SMS code through)
  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking

Check Bandhan bank balance through SMS

You can check your bank balance by sending a text message or by dialling a missed call.

Sent SMS to 9223011000

REG <Account number>REG 101 3XXXXXX2723
DEREG <Account number>DEREG 10130000K2723
BAL <Account number>BAL 10130002723
MINI <Account number>MINI 10233000002723
CHQBOOK <Account number>CHOBOOK 1013K00KX2728
CHQSTOP <Account number>Cheque NO <cheque number>CHQSTOP 1013900002723
CHQSTATUS <Account number>Cheque NO <cheque number>CHQSTATUS 1013100002723
SETPRIME <Account number>SETPRIME 1013900002723

Check Bandhan bank balance through missed Call

This is a handy service for those who live in areas where internet connectivity remains a problem. It is really difficult to check our accounts balance from days to weeks, instead of that, you can use this missed call service to check your account balance without the internet. Give a missed call to 9223008666 from your registered mobile number.

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Check Bandhan bank balance through Mobile App

Mbandhan App is a wonderful initiative of Bandhan Bank for its customers. Through this app, customers can easily access all information regarding the bank’s account balance and business activities in general. Customers can also transfer money through the Mbandhan app.

Open the mobile app login through Mpin – on the main page you’ll see the net balance of your bank account

Check Bandhan bank balance through Net Banking

Customers will be able to access information regarding the account balance, transaction status and bank statements through internet banking provided by Bandhan Bank. Customers can also download the e-statement of your Bandhan Bank account for easy access to data regarding the transaction. 

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Check bank balance through ATM

customers can enjoy a 24×7 service that is equivalent to the online account management portal. Bandhan customers can go to any Bandhan bank ATM and check their latest balance in a few minutes.

  • Insert ATM Card to Machine
  • Enter the PIN number
  • Go to check balance, you will see the balance available on the screen. 


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