How to activate Bank of India Net Banking Complete Guide

Banking operations are an integral part of our lives. We perform a wide range of banking transactions from depositing and withdrawing money, verifying our account balance to transferring funds. All these transactions will require us to visit the bank’s office or ATM one or two times depending upon whether it is a deposit or withdrawal. 

You can avoid this by availing of the facility called Net Banking which is nothing but Internet Banking. It allows you to perform all your banking transactions at your own place at any time of the day/night according to your convenience. 

Features of Bank of India Net Banking

If you’re an online shopper or anything of the sort, you know that Net Banking comes in handy when you need to transfer money instantly. I use it all the time – to pay bills and other such things. But did you know that there are other services as well?

  • Things about Safe Banking that Makes this Bank a Unique Choice
  • PIN Generation, Lost Debit Card Issue & PIN Re-generation
  • Brings you a host of features to maintain your accounts and services conveniently.
  • It also keeps track of your entire relationship with the Bank.
  • With the Net Banking and Mobile Banking services, you can use your Debit Card to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world.
  • The net banking services are fast and highly secured.

Requirements to register BOI online Banking

These requirements are given below, you can check them out and make sure to avoid any inconvenience while later on. 

Steps to Activate BOI Net Banking Online

Step 1: Go to the BOI official website and click the “New User” option.

Step 2: Now Enter your bank account number and registered mobile phone number (without “+” sign). After inputting the captcha security text, click the proceed button.

Step 3: Enter one-time password (OTP) that you will be sent to your registered cellphone number, then click Continue.

Step 4: Enter your ATM cards information, such as card number, expiry date, and ATM pin, and then click Continue.

Step 5: Check the “I agree” box and then click the Agree button.

Step 6: Enter your online banking password there. (Please use a strong password that contains special characters, alphabets, and digits) or  Use the Password Generator, then click Continue.

Step 7: You should now get a pop-up notification, and you should click OK.

Step 8: On the next screen, you will see your Internet banking login information (please snap a screenshot – for PC use Win+ Prt sc.

Start Internet Banking in BOI Bank Through Bank Branch

Step 1: Go to a BOI Bank branch.

Step 2: Submit an application for Internet Banking activation or download the form here.

Step 3: Complete the form thoroughly. If you need help filling out a form, please do not hesitate to contact Staff for help.

Step 4: Don’t forget to include a valid signature, fill out the form entirely, and send it to the Staff Desk, who will correctly verify it and begin the process of creating a user ID.

Step 5: You will receive a user ID to your registered mobile and email address within a few days.

Step 6: Once you have received a User ID, you must reset your password.

Step 7: Now that you have a User ID and Password, log in with them.

Need to Do After Register Bank of India Net Banking

1. Your Bank details like User Id and Password are very important to us so please do not share, it helps us to protect you and takes care of your transactions smoothly.

2. Note Net banking password in a safe place.

3. Try logging in with your freshly created User ID and password. If a problem occurs, please contact the bank.

4.  Create a transaction Password.

Steps to Create a transaction Password in Bank of India

It’s important to consider security while sending or receiving money; so you should have an additional layer of protection to secure your bank account from unauthorized transactions. Transaction password will be used to do Funds transfer, opt for online banking facility that gives you the option of transaction password for your bank account.

Need to know before Start creating transaction password

  • Enter valid debit card detail, if it’s wrong you won’t able to generate for 24 hours or 1 day.
  • Do test transactions after generating BOI transaction passwords. 
  • You can’t change password for 7 days once generated.

Let’s see the steps to Generate Bank of India Transaction Password

Step 1: Again Navigate to the Bank of India’s website.

Step 2: Select Personal Banking and sign in with the freshly created login credentials.

Step 3: On the dashboard, select Options from the main menu.

Step 4: Click the Generate Transaction Password button on the right. Change your Internet Login Password.

Step 5: Enter the OTP that was issued to your registered mobile number and then click Continue.

Step 6: Fill in the debit card information, such as the card number, expiry date, and PIN, and then click Continue.

Step 7: Enter the transaction password twice more, then click Continue.

Step 8: You have now successfully established your transaction password.


Activating Bank of India Net Banking online is the process to open digital banking services. If you want to activate Bank of India Net Banking online you can follow the simple steps given above.

As you can see, we highly recommend Bank of India. One of the reasons why we like Bank of India is because they are available in most cities across India. Everyone can find a branch nearby and do their transactions comfortably.

Last but not the least, if you need any help regarding the Bank of India account, please drop a question in the comment section below. We will definitely answer as soon as possible and give all information to resolve your query. If you like our effort, please share this article on social media and like this article, it will surely motivate us to give a better service.

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