How to Register/Activate Bandhan bank Net banking online – Also New Users

Before we get into How To Register or activate Bandhan Bank Net Banking, let us discuss how net banking changing our life.

Net Banking is a facility, which provides Bandhan bank account holders with the ability to undertake transactions/transfers of funds between their own accounts and carry out banking transactions that they would usually carry out in a branch. Bandhan Customer uses internet banking when they are away from their home or office or when there is no bank nearby.

Requirements of registering Bandhan bank net banking

  • Registered mobile in your hand to receive OTP.
  • ATM Debit Card from Bandhan Bank (Physically not necessary).
  • CIF number(Customer Identity Number) Which is printed in the Passbook.

Steps to register Bandhan bank internet banking online for new user

In order to avail of the online banking services offered by Bandhan Bank, you need to register initially. Most banks today open a net banking account for a user without much initial verification. However, the same cannot be said for Bandhan bank. At this bank, users must go through a few steps involved in the registration process at the Bandhan bank. let see the steps

1. Once you have requested your account to be enabled for net banking in-branch staff, Go to the official website

2. Go to the login page by login at the Top corner, on the next page click the ‘Continue to Login’ button.

3. Click ‘New User Sign Up‘ on the login screen.

4. Tick “Yes” on all options. Now press the ‘Submit’ button.

5. Choose the option of registering with a Debit card (ATM Pin Required) or with a reference number.

6. Fill up the details like CIF, Reference Number ( if selecting reference option), Debit Card details(if choosing Debit card option) and then click on Continue

7. Now you receive an OTP, enter it into the box and click the ‘Submit button.

8. Enter the ‘Debit Card PIN‘ and click ‘Continue.’ – How to generate Bandhan bank ATM PIN online? 5 ways

9. Type your User ID (sometimes user ID already taken try with a number), Login password (mix with alphabets and Numbers, case), and Transaction password (used for every transaction), then click the ‘Continue’ button.

10. The page ‘Successful Registration‘ will display. The new user is now ready to access Bandhan Bank’s net banking.

What to do after Bandhan bank login Registration is to see if it is working or not. follow the below steps to check.

How to Login Bandhan bank net banking?

To log into your bank account you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to your bank’s official website –

2. Select the Login option from the navigation bar

3. Enter your User ID and Password

4. Click on the Login button

5. Now you see your account screen, If you got this screen your Bandhan bank internet registration will be Successful.

6. There you click on the fund transfer button and then specify the destination bank and the fund transfer type.

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7. In addition to funds transfer you can also perform the following tasks:

      * Fund transfer

      * Bill payment

      * Other transaction

8. You also have the option to set the auto-debit of your bank account so that on a specific day of the month, your bank account will be debited.

What to Do If I Got Trouble with registration or log in?

There are two ways:

Visit branch:  You can visit your nearest bank branch and meet with a banker face to face.

Call customer care: You can dial the Bandhan bank customer care number 24×7 and speak to a call centre representative.

Customer Care Helpline1800-258-8181
Banking Support033-6633-3333
Head office033-6609-0909

Net banking, is it useful or not?

if yes, then tell me how beneficial it would be to you? Net banking feature has been introduced by the different banks. this is a new revolution which would help you to do your all financial transactions from your home itself. through internet connectivity.

The transactions that could be done through this method are transferring of money from one account to another account or person, credit card debiting or crediting, Demat account control, bill payment and other small servicing a/c. this would help you not to go anywhere except your workplace. so, here I have cleared some points for answering your above-said query.


We hope this article on Bandhan Bank Net Banking was informative and helpful in providing the solutions to the queries regarding Bandhan Bank Net Banking. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, feel free to post them in the comment box below. We will respond to you back within 24hrs. Thanks for visiting us!

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