How to activate & Register Mobile banking on Bank of Baroda

In this article, I will tell you that how to activate mobile banking on the bank of Baroda. You’ll learn step by step from here to registering mobile banking is a very simple process in the Bank of Baroda. For activating mobile banking you have to follow our all methods.

Bank of Baroda is India’s oldest & biggest bank with north India’s largest business. It is famous for its prowess in network & customer services. It came up with bob World a user-friendly application – where you can enjoy banking from your mobile, so this application is accessible from any platform like rich or poor connectivity,  you can access your account from anywhere & at any time

Ways to Register Mobile Banking

The below helps to find out the best way which helps you to register, activate and verify mobile banking on the bank of Baroda.

BOB World provides you with the taste of technology, powerful experience & stand-out user experience. It introduces you to an altogether new level of mobile banking in India. This mobile application enables you to carry out all your banking transactions such as Premier services, ATM services, Internet Banking services, Debit card management and much more under one roof.

Through Bank of Baroda BOB World Application itself 

let’s see the step by step process/guide on this How to activate & Register mobile banking on Bank of Baroda – BOB World Application itself. 

Before that, you must Install BOB World App. You can get BOB mobile app on your Android or Apple. To use this app you need to activate the Mobile banking facility on your account. Only Bandhan Account holders can activate their mobile banking facilities.

Step 1: Start the application.

Step 2: Choose your preferred language, I choose English and then click Proceed.

Step 3: Swipe from right to left, then on the last page, click Get Started.

Step 4: You are already a BOB customer, so “log in to bob World”.

Step 5: A popup will appear; click “While using the App” -> Allow for SMS Sending.

Step 6: Choose the SIM card you registered with the bank and click Confirm.

Step 7: Verify your phone number and click the confirm button.

Step 8: OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number and authenticated by the BOB application; hit the Verify button.

Step 9: You will be asked to enter the Debit card information associated with the account for which Mobile Banking is necessary. By clicking Alternate channels you have to log in through Bandhan Net banking.

Step 10: Enter an Account Number, Debit Card Number, and a Validation Period, then click Submit.

Step 11: Now enter the Activation Key that was sent to your registered mobile phone number.

Step 12: Enter your Digit Transaction PIN twice. To minimise online fraud, a transaction PIN is necessary at a bank when transferring funds via mobile banking.

Step 13: Enter your Login PIN and press the Submit button. A four-digit pin is required for login via the BOB World app every time.

Step 14: You have now successfully enrolled for mobile banking in BOB.

Step 15: Click the “Proceed to Login” button.

Step 16: On the following screen, enter the Login PIN that you created. You will now see your Dashboard.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a notification every time an operation is about to be made with your account.

Through Bank of Baroda ATMs

Bank of Baroda has got a 24×7 ATM facility available in different parts of India. Just follow the simple four steps you can easily activate mobile banking on Bank of Baroda ATMs in the given procedure:-

Step 1: Walk to the BOB ATM.

Step 2: Insert your Bandhan Debit Card and enter your PIN.

Step 3: Choose “BOB World” (Mobile Banking)

Step 4: Enter your bank’s registered mobile number.

Step 5: Choose an Account Type.

Step 6: Mobile Banking Registration will be successful, and the mPIN will be sent to the registered mobile number by SMS.

It’s now possible to undergo your basic transactions on the go. By now, most banks offer mobile banking services for their customers. However, not all customers are aware of the benefits that come with it. As an avid customer, you must know how to register and activate BOB World on Bank of Baroda.


Activating & Registering mobile banking on Bank of Baroda is too easy and explained in the article. The guide contains images, Screenshots and navigation links included.

According to a survey, around 94% of customers prefer this mode of banking. People can use mobile banking in their comfort zone and remote areas with better facility and ease by using BOB World App.

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