How to Add Change Nominee using Canara Bank Internet Banking

Why should you fix a nominee? What if we go through the process of death? When you leave this world, please don’t leave your family in trouble and ask them to face difficulties. Bureaucracy is a part of this world but not at the time of death. You can fix your nominee and do everything without any problem. 

Having a nominee is the perfect way to ensure that your loved ones don’t have to take care of all of your finances. Effectively, you can set your own bank account passcodes as ‘death-protected.’ Your nominee will be able to access and operate your bank account for any type of transfer.

Requirements of Update a nominee in Canara Bank

To add or update nominee details in the ICICI bank account, you need to have the following things handy.

  1. Canara BANK login id and password – Register & Activate Net banking in Canara bank
  2. Nominee Details
  3. Transaction Password

Steps to Add/Edit a Nominee to a Canara Bank Account Online

Step 1: Visit and log in to the official Canara Bank Internet Banking.

Step 2: On Dashboard go to Accounts and Profiles.

Step 3: Click on Nominee Maintenance.

Step 4: Skip this step if you have Only one Account: Select Account number (Savings or Current)

Step 5: If you want to update the nominee click on modify or newly Added Click on Add New Nominee.

Step 6: Now fill the Form Completly Such as nominee Name, Relation, Address, Contact Details and more.

You have now finished the nominee update information.

Steps to Add a Nominee in Canara Bank by Visiting Branch

It is quite easy to add a nominee in Canara bank. You can go to the nearest branch, fill-up the form and submit it. But some of the people who are not familiar with this process might have some questions regarding it.

If you too are one of them and looking for information regarding this topic then you have landed at the right place. Here, I will give you some instructions that will simplify this task for you.

Step 1: Request nominee update at your local Canara Bank branch.

Step 2: Fill up the blanks with information like your account number, registered mobile phone, and so forth.

Step 3: Provide the nominee’s name, relationship to the account holder, and age under Nomination details.

Step 4: Sign the document and provide it to the bank employees.

Step 5: The staff will review your information and submit the nominee’s details within two working days.

How can I find out who my Canara bank nominee is?

In case you are wondering how to know nominee details, you can log on with your account and go to personal details. Here you will be able to see the details of a nominee for your account.


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