How to apply for Bandhan Bank Debit card & Activate it

The Bandhan Bank was promoted in the year 2014 and has been working for its customer since then. One of the major services that the Bandhan Bank is playing is the Bandhan Bank Debit Card services. This post will help you to know about the steps that need to be followed when you plan on ordering your new Bandhan Bank Debit Card online.

There are some common reasons why you need to apply for a new card. The first is that you have lost your Bandhan ATM card. Another reason may be because you have spoiled the card by writing something on the magnetic strip. Maybe, because someone else has used your card fraudulently or stolen it?

If you lost your Bandhan debit card first, keep in mind that when you call the Bandhan bank customer care you will tell them that your card is lost or stolen when you call. Be prepared to give them the answer to the security question that they ask, otherwise they will ask for proof such as an Adhar number or DOB and your name.

Steps to apply for Bandhan Bank Debit Card

Note that before applying for a new Bandhan debit card, the first thing you need to do is update your residential address. This will save you a lot of headaches later on. so, make sure that you have the latest address on record with your bank.

Those who want to apply for the new Bandhan card will have to fill up a form and submit it manually at any of the Bandhan bank branches. There is currently no online method for applying for a debit card. Let’s see how to fill and steps to submit

Step 1: You should visit your nearby bank branch and request a new ATM card form or Download Form.

Step 2: Fill the form carefully because your application will be verified available information in your Bank. List of Fields to Fill in the form

  • Name
  • Customer ID
  • PAN No
  • DOB
  • Account Number
  • Choose any one Debit card Type Such as Visa, Master, RuPay
  • Finally, enter your name in the name field and sign in the Nearby Field.
  • Fill in the current Date.

Step 3: Submit the completed form to the appropriate desk. The Bandhan staff will Verify the information.

Step 4: Once it is approved, you will get the confirmation through the SMS sent to your registered mobile number or email id. You are also allowed to check your new Bandhan bank debit card status online.

Step 5: Now, you wait for a few days, and after 15 days to 20 days’ time, you will receive your debit card with package via courier service.

Step 6: After receiving ATM Card, you will have to activate and set a PIN to your debit card online or on the mobile app.

After Activation Your Card is Active and use for any purchase or withdrawal.

Download Application Form

Application Form for Bandhan Bank Debit Card
Application Form for Bandhan Bank Debit Card

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This Bandhan Bank debit card apply guide will teach you what you should know before applying for a new ATM card and how to apply for a new one. After reading this guide you will be able to make an informed choice about getting a replacement ATM card.

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