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Demand Drafts or DDs are one of the oldest methods of payments in India, and they are issued by several banks. To fill up a DD form, you will need to visit the nearest branch of the bank you want to pay, bring all the required documents with you.

Fill up the form and hand it over to the bank staff in charge of issuing these DDs, who will then process your application and give you an acknowledgement receipt so that you can claim your payment from the bank later on.

A demand draft (DD) is one of two ways to send money electronically from one bank account to another. The DD itself is money, just like an actual check; it’s not a check, but it acts like one. It has all your banking information on it and you give it over instead of cash for payment or deposit.

How To Fill DD Form Section in BOB

To fill out the DD form in bank of Baroda, you need to know how to fill DD form section. After filling out an application form it is easy for you if you know how to fill DD section in any bank.

So here I am sharing some procedures that will help you to fill a bank of Baroda’s DD form section in your own way.

Bank of Baroda DD Form PDF

Write The Details Properly

Before filling in any details, make sure you know your own account number (you can find it on your cheque book) and that you have all of your information ready. Remember that demand drafts should be filled out properly, so write neatly and carefully.

You may want to ask someone else who knows how to fill one out if you are having trouble or are unsure whether what you have done is correct. If something is wrong with your DD form, it will get sent back so double check everything before sending it in.

Details Need to Fill

  • Account number
  • Payee’s Name & Address
  • Branch Name
  • Amount
  • Cash details in case when DD are made on cash
  • Cheque details in case when DD are made on Cheque
  • Signature

Don’t Sign The Form Without Reading The Details

A demand draft, or DD, is an important banking instrument that can be used as payment for goods or services. It’s also known as an EFT (electronic funds transfer).

The DD is issued and payable at par, that is when you buy goods worth INR100 with a demand draft then you should hand over 100 rupees in cash along with it.

The bank has no discretion to pay more than 100 rupees in cash against your DD. They have to give you full value for your money.

Select A Suitable Option For You From The Available Options

A demand draft is an instrument issued by a bank, payable at its own office, requiring its presentation within sixty days of issue.

Issue of demand drafts can be made by any individual or business entity that maintains a current account with an authorized issuing branch.

Demand drafts may also be purchased from commercial banks that have correspondent relationships with other banks.

Choose ECS Mode Of Payment If Possible Or Otherwise Choose Ordinary Mode Of Payment


Ordinary Mode Of Payment means that once you fill up all your details in the form including remitter’s bank name and its branch details, then click on submit button. It will be easier for you if you chose ECS Mode Of Payment.

Here we are giving below some steps which will help you how to fill a demand draft from of Bank Of Baroda. There is a link given here under which you can download and can have a look at it.

If you have any questions related to this topic then ask us through our contact us page by entering your query into the comment box given there.

Check Carefully For Any Errors

The demand draft form is one of the most common ways for individuals and businesses to pay their bills. The process is simple, too all you need to do is fill out a specific form from your bank, make sure all fields are correct, date it appropriately, and submit it for processing.

Attach All Required Documents With Your DD Form

When you fill in a demand draft form at any bank, they ask you to attach all your relevant documents with your DD form. This is one of those instances where you don’t want to be caught without required documents.

When filling out DD, for example, you should attach your original identity proof document. It can be anything from your voter ID card, PAN card (Mandatory above 50,000) or passport.

Make sure anyone these documents are clear and easy to read before submitting them along with your DD application form.

Bank of Baroda Bank Customer Care Helpline Numbers

1800 258 4455,

1800 102 4455,

1800 102 7788

Missed Call Services – 846801111, 8468001122


Baroda Corporate Centre, Plot No. C-26, Block G, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051 Ph : (022) 6698 5000-04 (PBX) Fax : (022) 2652 1955


You can obtain your demand draft form from your local branch of Bank of Baroda. When filling out your demand draft, be sure to include all necessary information and sign it in blue or black ink only.

After you have completed filling out your form, place it in a Deposit Box or Mail it to bank. Mailing a cashier’s check or money order is recommended for payment on demand drafts rather than sending cash through mail for safety reasons.

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