Canara Bank Credit Card Statement Password: What is it?

If you’re wondering what Canara Bank Credit Card Statement Password is and why you should care, it’s because this password will help you access your credit card statements online instead of waiting weeks to receive the paper copy in the mail.

Here’s what you need to know about your Canara Bank Credit Card Statement Password.

What is a credit card statement?

As a credit cardholder, you get at least one billing statement in a month. The statement contains details of all your expenses, charges and payment schedules made using your credit card.

It also has details of service charges that may have been levied by banks on your outstanding dues and penalty charges for late payments and non-payment.

You can use the statement to check if the transactions are correctly recorded or not. If there are any discrepancies, then you can take up the matter with the bank.

Know About The Need Of statement Passwords

Passwords are an important part of online security as well as for your Canara Bank credit card. Passwords protect your personal information from falling into wrong hands.

These passwords are different for every online account you create and can help prevent someone from accessing all of your accounts if one becomes compromised.

For example, each bank has a special password called a statement password which allows you to view your transaction history in case you forget any other passwords. You can change your statement password anytime if you wish to do so.

Can I Open It Without Password?

Even if you are a cardholder, you cannot see your credit card statement without entering your password. The bank will never give away this password to anyone as they have no right to do so.

The only way to access the statement is by knowing the password and logging in using the credentials.

Does Canara bank’s Credit card statement password expire?

No, Canara bank Credit card statement password does not expire and remains valid forever. If a customer wishes to change their existing password, they can do it by using third-party software, which is extremely dangerous for data leakage.

Steps to Download Canara Bank Credit ard Statement via Netbanking

If you want to download your Canara bank credit card statement, here are simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Navigate to the Canara bank’s net banking website.

Step 2: Enter your password and user ID to access the account Dashboard.

Step 3: Choose ‘Cards.’ It will appear in the header.

Step 4: Move your mouse over ‘Credit Cards’ and click it.

Step 5: Choose the credit card for which you want the statement.

Step 6: Select the date range

Step 7: Choose ‘View Statement.’

Step 8: Your credit card statement will be shown.

Step 9: Click on Download Button & Choose the format you want (excel, Doc).

The Statement was delivered to your registered email address. It takes some time to generate and receive, so please be patient.

If you do not have Internet banking, here are some more options for getting your statement.

Canara Bank Credit card Statement Password?

Method 1

Use the first four letters of your name and the final four numbers of your Canara credit card as a password.

Assume my name is Prabhu and the last four digits of my credit card are 5643. As a result, my credit card statement password will be PRAB5643 (the first 4 letters of my name and the last 4 digits of my card).

Method 2

Try your birthdate (DD-MM-YYYY) and your credit card number’s last four digits. For example, if your birthday is 02-05-1997 and the last four characters of your credit card number are 5643, your password will be 020519975643.

Note: Canara Bank’s password pattern format changes depending on security; you must try all methods after receiving the bank account’s pdf statement. If the pattern changes, the bank will tell it in the email that is sent with the Statement.


It seems that there is confusion among our customers regarding the password provided on their credit card billing statement. Please note that this is not your actual credit card password. If you want to view your actual credit card statement follow the exact methods. Thank you for reading and please share if you found this blog post helpful.

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