Canara Bank Debit Card / ATM form PDF: How to Fill

Canara Bank offers customers Debit Cards, which are convenient and cost-effective when compared to having to carry cash around all the time. The bank’s Debit Card form is available as a PDF download from their website.

Download Canara Bank DD Form PDF

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This article explains how to fill it out and what you need to know about using your Debit Card once you have it in hand.

Is Debit Card & ATM Card are same

Yes, Debit Card and ATM cards are the same. They are both plastic cards that can be used to make purchases from ATMs or merchants. However, there are no differences between the two. Let’s See a Little bit About the Debit cards…

First of all, debit cards do not have any account number for the user to interact with the bank. The account number is printed on the back of each card and it is used to transfer money between accounts within a bank.

Secondly, debit cards have no limit on how much money can be transferred in one single transaction. This means that you can withdraw as much money as you want at any ATM machine without having to pay any extra fee over your limit.

What is Debit Card?

A debit card is a plastic card that allows its owner to make purchases using electronic funds transfer from the bank account. The use of a debit card is similar to that of a check, except that the purchase is deducted directly from the account.

In contrast, credit cards are linked to a line of credit and allow the holder to borrow money, as opposed to making purchases.

They use the same magnetic stripe technology as credit cards, but their primary function is to allow consumers to pay for items with their debit card instead of cash or a personal check.

What are the Benefits of a Canara Bank Debit Card?

The advantages of using a debit card over cash, check or credit card are numerous. Here are the primary reasons why debit cards are popular:

No Risk: If you lose your debit card, there’s no risk of losing money. It goes straight from your checking account to the merchants. You’re protected if you lose your card.

Speed: Debit cards are processed instantly, which means merchants can get paid faster and ensure they stay on schedule.

Convenience: No need to carry cash or purchase a gift certificate – just swipe and go!

Security: You won’t be out any money if your debit card is lost or stolen. There’s also no need to sign any receipts or write checks when you use a debit card at the store or online.

Easy to use and manage.

Details Required to Fill Out Form

  • Name
  • Account number
  • DOB – Date of Birth
  • PAN Number
  • DP Code
  • Branch Details

Two Types of forms are available what is the difference between them?

Personalized debit card form

  • We can customize a name on a debit card
  • Choose what type of debit card you want such as platinum, Standard & more.

Normal Debit card form

  • They will choose any one type of debit card.
  • The card name will be “Canara Customer”

 How to Fill Canara bank Debit card Form & submit it

To apply for a Canara Bank debit card, you’ll need to fill in the ATM/Debit Card form and submit it to your home branch.

Along with the application form, you are required to submit a PAN card. Let’s see the Details need to fill in ATM Form…

Step 1: In From section write your Name & Address



Abac, Newdelhi – 00000

Step 2: In “To” Section fill in Branch Name & DP Code – (here is a list of DP Code for the Canara branch)

Step 3: Put Tick on appropriate boxes – Choose the type of card you want to apply for


  • Replacement
  • Rupay – (If your transaction is mostly international, I recommend using Visa or MasterCard.)
  • For both Domestic & International usage

Step 4: Fill Full Name, in Name of the Applicant

Step 5: Fill Date of Birth

Step 6: Write PAN Number

Step 7: Write Registered Mobile number

Step 8: Enter the account number you want to link with a new card

Step 9: Put Signature at the signature of Account holders

After the bank has completed the necessary verification, they will deliver our new debit card to your registered address.

Download Form


What to do If My ATM Card Gets Stolen or Lost

If you notice that your ATM card has been stolen or lost, you should immediately report it to the bank that issued the card. You can call the customer service number listed on your ATM receipt or on your bank’s website, or visit a branch office for assistance.

I didn’t receive an ATM card after applying what to Do?

If you have not received a new card in the mail within two weeks, you need to raise a request form.

The name of the form is “Customer Application Form for Debit Card/ATM Card/Any Other Card Related Services.” – Here are detailed steps to fill a customer request form

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