How to Change Registered Mobile number in Bandhan bank Online

Mobile number is vital for bank transactions. Bank having mobile number activates Mobile Banking facility that helps customer to check their online transaction details, alerts, account balance or do fund transfer, ATM location and other services.

For every transaction, you have to obtain OTP from your registered mobile number. But if you have not registered a mobile number, then you will not receive OTP and transaction alert SMS from the bank. So, if you are a Bandhan bank customer then this post will help you to update or change your registered mobile number with Bandhan Bank online

Currently, Bandhan bank does not allow their customers to change their mobile numbers online. But you can do it offline how we can do that let’s see.

How to change phone number in Bandhan bank

1. Visit your nearest Bandhan Bank branch. Staff have been asked to provide all details of our Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc for verification so be prepared.

2. Ask staff to get a copy of the “KYC update form” or “Mobile Number Update form“. If you have any questions about the form, please ask the staff; they will assist you, so don’t fill incorrect information.

What to fill in KYC Form 

  • Date, branch name,
  • CIF ID and Account number,
  • Name of an account holder,
  • Type of account,
  • Place with Date,
  • Put your Signature wherever required.

3. After filling up the Application, submit the “KYC update form” with your ID Proof. Upon receipt of the documents, the KYC team will check your documents thoroughly and after verification, your Mobile Number will be updated.”

4. The Bank will send you a confirmation SMS after confirmation.

What to after getting confirmation from the bank, Register for SMS Banking to do that follow the below steps for SMS Banking.

How to change Bandhan Bank mobile number through ATM?

This is an Alternative method for number register from the above steps You can change your mobile number using ATM also. It is a very fast and easy method to register a new mobile number to the Bandhan Bank account and an atm card. 

The below procedure is only applicable to Old Users, therefore let’s go over the instructions.

1) Go to Bandhan bank ATM.

2) Insert ATM Card and Enter the PIN. If you forget an ATM PIN this method How to generate Bandhan bank ATM PIN online? 5 ways

3) In the display choose the Registration option. Machine asks to confirm ATM Pin, Enter it.

4) Now Select the Mobile number Registration option.

5) Select the option “Change Mobile Number“.

6) Enter your new mobile number.

7) You received an OTP and reference no from the bank.

8) From your new mobile number send an SMS as “Activate OTP Reference” to 567676.

9) Your new mobile number gets updated.

You can request to change the mobile number for the Atm card if the card is activated.

* You only need the ATM card
* You don’t need any supporting documents
* You don’t need any document from the bank (e.g. passport, driving license)
* You don’t need any document with your photo
* You don’t need any document with your signature
* You don’t need any document with your complete address

How to Register your Mobile number for SMS Banking in Bandhan Bank?

To register the mobile number for SMS Banking, you have to type an SMS ‘REG ACCOUNT NUMBER‘. Once you type it in, you have to send the message to the bank (09223011000) from a registered mobile phone number. However, you must type it in with correct capitalization.

  • 09223011000 – (To register for SMS banking)
  • Type BAL and send it to 09223011000 – (To check account balance)

What to do if my mobile number is not updated?

If you haven’t received a response after 24 hours, go back to the branch you requested and enquire about your Mobile Number change.

Advantages of changing the mobile number in the bank

It may seem a bit difficult to change your mobile number. However, there are many advantages to it as well. Let us have a look at the pros of changing your mobile number for banking purposes

  1. last transaction
  2. Receiving OTP
  3. Receiving messages
  4. Online money transaction
  5. Checking balance
  6. Blocking card


Having a bank account that is connected with a mobile number really helps you to check account balance and know any pending transactions without just making a phone call and waiting in a queue or printing a passbook. 

I hope that this article will be helpful to you because I like people I do not like to see them in trouble. So follow the instruction and change immediately your phone number to use your bank accounts without any problems.

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