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Does Coldstone Accept Apple Pay?

    When it comes to indulging in the creamy, dreamy delights that Coldstone Creamery has to offer, you might find yourself wondering about the payment options.

    Nowadays peoples are moving from traditional transaction from cash wallet to digital wallets and contactless transactions, so question that often arises is, “Does Coldstone takes Apple Pay?” Let’s take a look at it with simple and easy answer.

    Does Coldstone really take Apple Pay?

    Yes, Coldstone Creamery accepts Apple Pay. But you can use it on in-store purchases, for online orders you can use credit card or Debit card. It’s an easy and quick payment option for your favorite ice cream treats.


    Even if Apple Pay is taken, customers should have alternate payment methods. Apple handles millions of transactions daily, so there are possible instances where payment terminal faces technical issues like server errors.

    Having a backup payment method gives a smooth transaction in such circumstances.

    What are the other Payments methods accepted in Coldstone

    Coldstone accepts a range of payment options, including cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and other contactless payment methods. So always carry one of these.

    How to pay Coldstone with Apple Pay

    If you already set up Apple Pay on your device just follow the steps or see below to set up a new one. Here’s how you can pay with Apple Pay in Coldstone:

    1. Look for the contactless payment symbol – It typically looks like a sideways Wi-Fi symbol or a set of stacked lines. Image shown below.

    2. Bring your device close to the payment terminal – Once you’ve found the symbol, unlock your Apple device and hold it near to symbol until 4 dots get Loaded. This will trigger Apple Pay to activate.

    3. Authenticate your payment – According to device’s settings, you can authenticate it whether Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID (facial recognition).

    4. Wait for the confirmation – wait for a few seconds until you see a confirmation Green tick on your device’s screen.

    5. Collect your receipt (if applicable) – Some stores in US still give physical receipts. If you need a receipt, simply ask the cashier.

    Setting up Apple Pay on Your Device

    Before you make purchases in stores using Apple Pay, you need to set it up. Here are the steps how you can do it:

    1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone – The Wallet app is pre-installed on all Apple devices. Open it.

    2. Tap on the “+” sign – On Wallet app, you’ll see “+” sign in the top-right corner. Tap on it then Click Continue button.

    3. Select Card Type – It may be Debit, Credit or Apple Card. Tap “Next” at the top right of the screen.

    4. Add Card Details: There are two ways to enter your card information. Add it manually by enter card details or take a photo. After completing, tap “Next”.

    5. Click on “Allow While using the app” option.

    6. Confirm the card’s Details. Make sure all the input details are correct or Scan it with Camera, then tap “Next”.

    7. Terms & Conditions: Review these and then tap “Agree”.

    8. To Activate Card, Enter the OTP Received to your mobile number which is registered with card.

    9. Verification: Depending on your bank, Verification could vary most commonly you got – “receiving a Phone call” or “text message” or “calling your bank”. Choose any one method.

    10. Confirmation: Once verified, you’re Card shown in wallet section. Now you ready to use Apple Pay!

    If you want to add multiple cards (optional) – Repeat the process of adding cards through Wallet app.

    Benefits of Using Apple Pay in Stores

    • Speed and Convenience
    • Enhanced Security
    • Payment Privacy
    • Compatibility with Various Merchants

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does every Coldstone location accept Apple Pay?

    While Coldstone normally accepts Apple Pay, it is still recommended to check individual stores beforehand.

    Are there any fees associated with using Apple Pay at Coldstone?

    No, using Apple Pay at Coldstone doesn’t add any additional fees.

    Can I use Apple Pay for online orders from Coldstone?

    Currently, Apple Pay is only for in-store purchases at Coldstone. But for Online order there are different payment methods.

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