How To Download Bandhan Bank Account Statement Online

Bandhan Bank offers an online account statement facility to its customers. This helps customers in checking their Bandhan Bank account balance without visiting the branch. Through this service, customers can also download Bandhan bank account statements in PDF format.

In this guide, we will tell you how to download your Bandhan Bank transaction statement from your computer or mobile devices through net banking or mobile banking facilities.

Your Bandhan Bank account statement helps to keep your finances in order. The statement contains recent transaction details, including the amount you’ve spent and the amount credited to your account.

Requirements to get Bandhan bank account statements

  • User ID & password for internet banking or 
  • Mobile banking password with mPIN

What is an E-statement?

An E-statement contains all the transactions that happened on your account for a particular month or day. Whereas a bank statement on a physical paper is a summary of a particular month’s statement and has to be collected from the branch itself.

A bank statement on a physical paper can be downloaded by logging into the website or requesting through email.

Steps to Download Bandhan Bank Account Statement using Net Banking

To print or download your statement, follow these steps:

1. log in to Internet Banking from Bandhan bank.

2. Click on the “My accounts” tab.

3. Select “Account Statement” from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side.

6. Select a period for which you want to view or download your statement.

7. Click on the “Submit” option.

8. On the next page click on the Download button to save the statement to your device in a PDF format.

9. You can view your statement in Adobe PDF Reader or chrome on your device.

Note: To open the PDF password is requiredHow to open Bandhan bank statement pdf password?

Steps to Download Bandhan Bank Account Statement using Mobile Banking

Have you enabled the Bandhan App on your Android phone? If not, download the application from Google Play or App Store and install it. To activate the bank App, you’re required to enter a few details. Just enter the activation code that was sent to you via SMS and then key in your mobile number. After that, you can start accessing your account online.

Downloading e-statements in Mobile banking is really simple to use. By following the instructions given below, you can use it

Step 1: Open Bandhan bank mobile and log in using mPIN.

Step 2: click the Transaction account section.

Step 3: On the next page, you’ll see the balance page; on the same page, click the detail statement option. 

Step 4: Select the statement’s from and to dates now. 

Step 5: After that, choose what format you want your statement to be in PDF or Excel Or HTML and click download. Finally, an email statement arrived on your device.

Note: To open the PDF password is requiredHow to open Bandhan bank statement pdf password?

Contact customer care

To get a bank statement, you cannot simply go to the bank and pick one up. Customer care provides ways through which you can request a bank statement either if it is misplaced or the interface fails in the net or mobile banking. 

Get statement by visiting near by bandhan branch

Get a bank statement by going to your nearby branch. Millions of people around the world visit banks on a daily basis. They go to the bank to apply for a loan, a credit card, or a new account. Banks are a good place to visit for a lot of reasons including getting a bank statement.

Benefits of e statement

  • Bank e statement has generally come into existence with the end of paperless or even the concept of No Paper Policy. And yet, the main reason whether businesspersons would actually welcome it is because of its facilitation of speed and convenience.
  • The customers can get easy access to e statements through internet banking or through mobile banking apps.
  • You save the statement pdf in your computer and you can access the data whenever it is convenient for you.
  • You won’t have to pay to mail statements.
  • it is updated in real time, and the data is presented in a clear and readable format. Plus, you get the information instantly, rather than waiting for a month.


All of us know how important it is to read bank statements regularly. The bank is a very advantageous place where you can save your money, make transactions and make investments. Reading bank statements regularly is good practice because you will know what transactions were made.

Thank you for visiting this article, hopefully, this article can be useful and effective to all of you. Kindly let us know and kindly give your feedback about this article. 

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