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In today’s digitally connected world, customers expect instant access to bank account information. In fact, the Bank of Baroda has been giving out digital copies of bank statements as a marketing outreach because it enables customers to view bills and credit card transactions online.

This practice has been going on for a while now and many other commercial banks have also started offering similar services.

This article is all about a get bank statement from the bank of Baroda online. The proposed feature allows you to monitor your bank account online without actually visiting the respective bank branch.

Requirements to get BOB account statements

  • User ID & password for internet banking or 
  • Mobile banking password with mPIN

How can Get Statement & What Detail present in it?

An E-statement appears similar to a bank statement and is issued electronically. An e-statement is issued either through the internet or through email, but unlike a regular online banking statement, it has to be downloaded and printed/saved using Adobe Acrobat reader.

It contains all the transactions that happened on your account for a particular month or day as well as receipts that you deposited in your account.

Steps to Download Bank of Baroda Account Statement using Net Banking

To download your last bank statement from your computer or mobile devices, follow the simple steps below:

1. Log in to Bank of Baroda Internet Banking.

2. On the Dashboard click on Accounts -> Operative accounts.

BOB net banking main page

3. You’ll see a list of accounts shown there.

4. There is a three-dot icon on the Straight to account number; click on it.

BOB net banking Statement

5. Select Generate Account Statement from the drop-down menu.

6. You’ll now be taken to the account statement page. When you click on Search Transaction, a slide box will appear where you can select the statements From and To dates.

BOB net banking Statement date

7. After you’ve selected Dates, scroll down to the bottom of the page to discover download options in a variety of file formats such as Excel, PDF, and Word.

Finally, you received your Account Statement from the Bank of Baroda.

Useful – How to open Bank of Baroda statement pdf password

Steps to Download BOB Account Statement using Mobile Banking

What is the BOB Mobile Banking Application? BOB world helps you manage your transaction on the go. You can check your account, transfer funds, pay bills, check your credit card account via the mobile banking app.

Using mobile banking will give you quick access to your accounts/transaction anytime, anywhere. The BOB Mobile Banking application is 100% secure using Bank’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology.

To download the Statement follow the below steps:

1. Open the BOB World app and sign in using your mPIN.

2. A passbook option is available on the Dashboard. Please click on that.

BOB World mobile banking

3. On the following screen, select the Savings option.

4. In the following part, you will see a list of accounts; click on the see transaction option.

5. On the following page, a transaction detail is presented on the screen.

6. On the top, there is a download button; click on it to open a popup window. There are two options in the popup: CSV and PDF. Select any one of them.

Finally, you download your Account Statement from the Bank of Baroda through a mobile APP.

Useful – How to open Bank of Baroda statement pdf password

Get statement by visiting nearby BOB branch

So, if you want to get a bank statement from your bank then you need to approach your nearest Bank of Baroda regarding the procedure to get a bank statement from them. Keep in mind you need to carry your passbook or Account number.

Contact customer care

Simply call customer care and request an e-statement to acquire a bank statement. You must first register with a valid email address in order to obtain a statement, or you can request one through Post.

Benefits of e-statement

  • Bank e-statement is the biggest advantage for online users to keep track of their transactions. It has generally come into existence with the end of paperless or even the concept of No Paper Policy.
  • A service that helps customers respond easier and faster than ever with the help of the digital statement.
  • Receiving and keeping all your statements and bills digitally.
  • Get Real-time Data.


A recent study has shown that online statements play a key role in influencing users to adopt the e-statement. Although 38% of responding bank customers did not consider online statements to be useful, 56% stated that they needed them to handle their finances more effectively than by simply receiving bank statements in hard copy. Online statements can assist in tracking expenditure easily.

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