How to file a complaint with Union Bank of India online

When it comes to customer service, some banks simply don’t measure up. If you feel like Union Bank of India (UBI) hasn’t given you the level of customer service that you should be getting from them. 

you can take your complaint straight to their customer service department by calling their toll-free number (which they have conveniently listed on their website) or using any of their many social media accounts. 

If that doesn’t work, then you can even go right to the top and file a complaint with the head of UBI! Here’s how to do it all.

What to include in your complaint

When you’re writing a complaint, the most important thing is to be clear and concise. You want to state the issue as plainly as possible, and include all the relevant information. Be sure to include the following:

-Your name and contact information

-The name of the company or individual you’re contacting

-The date of the problem occur

-A description of the issue

-What you would like the union bank to do to fix the issue

Ways to file a complaint with Union Bank of India

If you have a complaint with Union Bank of India, the first step is to call the customer service number and lodge your complaint. You can also visit a Union Bank of India branch and speak to a customer service representative in person.

If you are not happy with the resolution of your complaint, you can escalate it to union bank Ombudsman. The Banking Ombudsman is an independent authority who will review your case and issue a ruling.

File a complaint by union bank calling customer care

If you call their customer care centre to file a complaint. The entire process was very frustrating.

First of all, I had to wait on hold for over 10 minutes. Then, when I finally got through to someone, they were very unhelpful and refused to listen to my complaint.

They just kept insisting that I speak to someone in the branch. Finally, I got so frustrated that I hung up. so I personally suggest visiting the branch or applying Grievances Online.

  • All-India Toll Free number : 1800 22 22 44 / 1800 208 2244
  • Charged Numbers: 080-61817110
  • Dedicated number for NRI: +918061817110

Mail Id: [email protected]

When you call customer service, they need to know your name, your account number, the type of account, and the date of the problem.

Submit Complaint through Grievances Online (Form Fill Up)

Every day, people encounter problems with various services and products. When they are not able to get a satisfactory resolution from the union bank, they may lodge a complaint. In the past, this process would involve a lot of paperwork and visits to the consumer affairs office.

With the advent of the internet, things have become a lot easier for consumers. They can now lodge their complaints online by filling up a grievance form.

This not only saves them time and effort but also allows them to track the status of their complaint. Steps to Fill the Union bank complaint form Note: This method is only for Union bank account holders

Step 1: Go to the ubi complaint page.

Step 2: Enter your account number and registered mobile number, fill out the captcha, and click continue.

Step 3: On the following Complaint information screen,  select the department from the drop-down box.

Step 4: Next, Select a sub-department.

Step 5: Compose a detailed complaint in the description box.

Step 6: If you have any digital papers for proofreading, upload them by choosing a file and clicking the attach button.

Step 7: Now, click Lodge complaint.

Step 8: You saw a reference number on the screen.

Wait 2-3 days for a response from the bank; if you do not receive answer, you may monitor the complaint using the steps below.

Write Complaint Letter to Branch Manager

If you have a complaint about your bank account or any other financial product or service with Union Bank of India, you can lodge a complaint with the bank. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Write a letter to the bank’s customer care department, describing your complaint in detail.

2. Mention your name, account number and other relevant details in the letter.

3. Attach copies of all relevant documents with the letter.

4. Send the letter to the following address:

Union Bank of India Branch Manager

Address P.O. Box No.

How to track complaint on union Bank

When you registered your complaint, be sure to request and write down a reference number. This will help you track its progress later. Union Bank of India’s call centre can provide you with your reference number. The following steps show how to track ubi bank complaint

Step 1: Visit the ubi tracking page for online grievances.

Step 2: Enter the Reference number you were given when you complained.

Step 3: Type your net banking password.

Step 4: Fill out the verification form (captcha)

The status of your complaint was now displayed on the screen.


Do you think that the way we file complaints in UBI is effective in addressing issues and getting results?

There have been mixed reviews about the way that Union bank handles complaints. Some people feel that it is ineffective in addressing issues, while others feel that it is effective.

Some people also feel that the way complaints are filed is not effective in getting results.

From what we can tell, the way Union bank handles complaints may depend on the individual consumer’s experience. Some people may feel that the complaints procedure is slow and inefficient, while others may feel that it is effective in getting results.

However, it seems that the main complaint that consumers have is the lack of communication from Union bank. They feel that the bank does not adequately answer their questions or listen to their concerns.


I hope that this article has answered all of your questions or at least provided you with some valuable information.

Do you think that this article has answered all of your questions or do you have any more? If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading! Read more about Union Bank of India

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