How to generate Bandhan bank ATM PIN online? 5 ways

Today’s post is about how you can change your Bandhan bank debit card PIN from your registered mobile number within a minute. To do this, you will have to first generate the same through net banking or the mobile banking application. You can simply follow the steps mentioned in the article to Bandhan bank new ATM pin generation online or change the PIN.

Requirements of Bandhan bank atm pin generation

  • Registered Mobile number to receive OTP
  • Net banking User ID & Password

Steps to Generate Bandhan bank atm pin using Net banking

Have you ever found difficulty in Debit card ATM PIN generate with net banking? Here is the solution. Bandhan Bank customers can now generate their Bandhan ATM PIN online through Net Banking. If Bandhan Bank has a problem with your PIN you can easily reset it online.

1. To generate a bank atm pin using net banking, first visit your net banking account online. Here you will be asked to provide your online id and password. Once you provide these, you have to click on submit button.

2. Select My Services from the drop-down menu, then click and open Debit Card Services.

3. Now, Choose Re-generate ATM PIN.

4. Select your atm card number from the dropdown. Along with that enter expiry month and year.

5. Once this is done, you have to verify your identity by entering the payment password.

6. On the next step enter the OTP received on the registered phone numbers.

7. After this, you have to enter a new pin for atm.

Steps to Generate Bandhan atm pin using Mobile banking

if you’re an Android or iPhone user and also a Bandhan account holder then you must be having the” Bandhan mobile banking” application installed on your smartphone. This is a very easy to use app for doing transactions and checking the balances of all the accounts that you have opened with Bandhan even also atm pin generate.

1. Open & Log in to the Bandhan Mobile banking app.

2. Now select the Cards tab.

3. On the next screen, pick the Regenerate ATM PIN option.

4. Input your debit card number, as well as the month and year of expiration.

5. Now enter your new Bandhan ATM PIN as well as Transaction PIN and click the Submit button.

That’s all, utilising mobile banking, you’ve successfully generated a new PIN for your Debit card.

Steps for bank atm pin generate by calling customer care Toll-free number

Here are the steps to change atm pin by calling customer care

1. Call to customer care number – 1800 258 8181

2.  Next, Select the language

3. Choose the customer menu so, press 1.

4. Press 1 ATM Card option.

5. Enter your 16 digit ATM Debit Card number.

6. After IVR confirm your ATM Press 1.

7. For ATM Pin change or Generation again Press 1.

8. On next, Expiry date of the card (MMYY).

9. Then IVR Ask for DOB date of birth – DD/MM/YY. Eg ( 10/02/1995 as 10021995)

10. After your DOB get verified you need to enter 4 Digit PIN.

11 . Re-enter the same Bandhan ATM PIN.

You have now generated a Bandhan PIN successfully.

Steps for Bandhan bank pin generation by SMS 

The customer will be informed about the ATM PIN change through SMS. Note that this option is only valid to change Debit card PIN.

1. Send an SMS with the format of “PIN” “last 4 digits of Bandhan ATM card” “last 4 digit Number of Bandhan bank Account number” 

Example:  2345 7777 9999

2345 – Old PIN,  7777 – last 4 digits of Bandhan ATM card, 9999 – last 4 digit number of Bandhan bank

2. Now bank Send an OTP to your registered mobile number. The One-time Password (OTP) received by a Bandhan Bank customer is valid for two days and can be used to generate a debit card PIN at the nearest Bandhan ATM. However, if it has not been used within that period it got expired, so customers are advised to change the password by connecting to the Internet through the Bandhan website.

Steps for Bandhan bank pin generation by visiting nearest ATM

To generate the atm pin the first thing you visit is a nearby ATM machine. Just follow up on these steps.

1. After visiting Bandhan ATM and Inserting the debit card in the ATM machine.

2. Select the PIN generation option.

3. Now Enter your 11 Digit Account number, Re-enter the same Acc no and click Confirm.

4. Input the Registered mobile number and click confirm.

5. The screen displays, ‘Your PIN will be provided to your registered phone number shortly.’

6. After receiving OTP, Take out the Card from the machine and re-insert it.

7. Choose Banking Option in the display

8. Click the PIN Change option and input the OTP you receive on mobile.

9. If the verification is successful, enter a new four-digit PIN. enter the same PIN again.

You have now successfully created a new PIN for your new Debit Card.


In this article, I will teach you about How to generate atm PIN online/offline without survey play store/Appstore & you can also make atm cash with it. Thank you for reading this post and share with your friends.


Can I generate Bandhan bank atm pin by SMS?

Yes, but No, since you can do half of the work online and the other half in person at an ATM.

Can I Bandhan bank debit card pin generation online?

Yes, you may generate a Bandhan bank ATM PIN using mobile banking, online banking, or by phoning customer service.

How can I recover my Bandhan bank ATM Debit card PIN?

If you forgot your Bandhan Bank Debit card ATM PIN. There are many ways to generate a new ATM PIN through net banking or mobile app. it is very easy to generate the new Bandhan Bank ATM pin number whether we have an ATM card or not.

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