How to Get a BOI Bank Statement Online – Download BOI

You must follow the right steps to get your BOI bank statement. This will make it easier for you to obtain a copy of your Bank of India statement and have it sent directly to where you want it. 

It may seem like an easy task, but there are a few things that should be done for the process to go smoothly. Below, we have outlined some of these steps so that you can follow them and obtain a copy of your BOI statement.

You are probably wondering why you should use get a boi bank statement to your advantage and have financial freedom. 

The simple reason is that it will help you in getting all the necessary information, details and other relevant info regarding your financial transactions that happened in the past so you can see what was mostly on the rise or where you might be able to improve your life savings.

Things Need to Get BOI Statement

  • Net Banking Password or Mobile Banking Password
  • PDF Reader Or Excel.
  • Stable Internet Connection.

Steps to Download BOI Statement Using Net Banking

Are you confused about how to Download the BOI statement via Bank of India Net Banking? Don’t worry here is the steps by which you can easily download the Bank of India account statement.

1. Go to the BOI official page and select Personal Banking. (Close the Pop Up)

2. Enter your User ID and Password and then click Login.

3. On the Home Page, go to the Accounts Tab and choose a Savings Account or anything you wish.

4. On the Straight to Account number, select Account Statement from the dropdown box.

5. Choose the From and To Dates on the Transaction Date Range or anything you desire.

6. Your statement is now visible on the screen.

7. On the Bottom of the screen Click Save as PDF.

8. In the Pop window, navigate to the file place where you wish to store the file.

9. Double-click the downloaded file and open it, Enter the Password.

Steps to Download Bank Of India Statement Using Mobile Banking

If you utilize Bank of India mobile applications to perform transactions, you can now go one step further and download BOI statement on your smartphone. Steps to download BoI statements using the mobile banking app.

Note: Before following the steps you must Install and register BOI Mobile Banking App, Available in both Playstore & Appstore

1. Download and install the Official BOI Mobile Banking App.

2. Login using your password.

3. On the Dashboard, choose mPassbook.

4. Choose the account for which you want a statement.

5. Select the Date tab, enter the from and to dates, and then select the Get statement button.

6. Your transaction details are now shown.

7. Select either Generate PDF or Email Statement at the bottom.

8. If you select an email statement, check the email and then download and view the PDF Fill Using Password.

Now you successfully download the BOI PDF Statement.

Request statement in Branch

Visit the branch with the requesting letter, tell them your phone number, name and account number. The bank employee will take care of everything.


In summary, BOI offers online access to bank account statements to all their customers with an active internet connection. It Is sufficient enough to get a confirmation of your banking transactions from time to time. 

The administration of the bank is responsible for issuing bank statements when requested by their clients. The best thing about getting your bank statement online is the fact that you can control the time and frequency at which you receive one.

Thanks for visiting our site, hopefully, our article about how to get a BOI bank statement can be useful and make everybody learn something.

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