How to Find Bandhan Bank CIF Number & its Uses

If you have savings account with Bandhan Bank or planning to open a new then you might be knowing about the importance of a CIF number. Hence here in this post, we will see How to find the Bank CIF Number Online.

Well, I am here to give you some useful information about it. So, let’s talk about Bandhan Bank CIF Number. The first thing you need to know is What is the CIF Number of Bandhan Bank?

What is the CIF Number of Bandhan Bank?

Bandhan bank CIF (Customer information file) Number is an 11-digit unique reference number that can be used to identify each customer of the bank. It’s similar to the account number known by the public, except that multiple accounts can be opened under one CIF number.

The CIF number specifies in which Bandhan branch and in which state (or UT or region) and in which country your accounts are opened and therefore one can’t change it like the mobile number.

For example, Bandhan bank Customer receives his CIF number as 00000000018 when newly opening an account in the Bandhan bank. Now, under this unique CIF, he may open many accounts, such as savings account, the account number maybe 00000000314, and for current accounts, the account number maybe 00000000315.

How to Get Bandhan Bank CIF number?

There are plenty of reasons to want to know the CIF number. In order to check CIF numbers follow the below steps:

Obtain the Bandhan Bank CIF Number using Passbook

The passbook provides details of all the transactions which have been made through a Bandhan Bank account. The CIF number is part of the basic information of your passbook. It is normally printed on the front page above the account number.

Obtaining the Bandhan Bank CIF Number from a Cheque Book

No, there is no CIF number in a chequebook. However, practically all relevant blogposts said that chequebook had a CIF number. It’s not true, so don’t spend your time on it. The cheque book just has the account number and a few more fields. The image below shows the reality.

Acquire CIF Number using Bandhan Bank net banking

Bandhan Bank customers can track several data related to their account online. Bandhan Bank customers can find their CIF number through internet banking. To use this method, you must first activate and sign up for Bandhan Internet Banking. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for net banking.

bandhan bank net banking

Here is a Detail guide that will assist you with registering for net banking. – How to Register/Activate Bandhan bank Net banking online – Also New Users

Step 1: Go to the official Bandhan bank page.

Step 2: Log in to internet banking with a user ID and Password.

Step 3: On the account Dashboard you’ll see the Profile button, Click that.

Step 4: You will now be routed to the profile page, where you will find the Customer ID.

Obtain the Bandhan Bank CIF Number by accessing the mbandhan mobile banking app

Accessing the mbandhan mobile banking app can help you get the Bandhan bank CIF number. The customers who are using the mbandhan app for accessing their Bandhan bank account, they’re able to get this CIF number easily.

Step 1: Open the mbandhan App.

Step 2: Log in with passcode.

Step 3: On the home page, you’ll see the profile section click on that.

Step 4: You’ll now notice the CIF number along with some other information.

The Bandhan Bank CIF Number appears on the statement

The bank sends the monthly statement as PDF (password protected) to the customer’s registered email address. The statement shows the complete transaction caught on that particular month. The records are given with respect to CIF Number just below the Banks GST number. This will not only save your time but also prove to be an effective way to find a CIF number.

If you don’t know the password for the Bandhan bank statement read this article – How to open Bandhan bank statement pdf password?

If you want to know how to download E-Statement follow these steps- How To Download Bandhan Bank Account Statement Online?

Call Customer Service to find out the CIF number for Bandhan Bank

If you are not able to gain the CIF no. of Bandhan bank using the above methods, you can contact the Bandhan bank customer care executive. Then, you can ask him or her for help on getting the CIF no. of your Bandhan account.

The Bandhan bank official will ask you about your details to verify the identification. After your identity gets confirmed you get a CIF number. When compared to the other approaches, this method takes some time.

Visit the branch to obtain the Bandhan Bank CIF Number

Once you have visited the nearest bank branch all you need to do is ask for your CIF number. Bandhan bank staff will surely provide your CIF number after your verification. When you visit the branch, carry your account number and ID proof with you because bank staff ask you to confirm your identity. My advice is to 2 ID Proof that is registered with your account.


Is a CIF number the same as an account number?

No, absolutely not, since the CIF number, like an Adhar card, is unique to each consumer. let see the example

Do you know why it is important to know the CIF number of a company?

The CIF number is a unique identifier for a company. This number is also known as the Commercial Identification Number. The CIF is allotted by the Reserve Bank of India to banks and financial institutions that fall under its purview.

These numbers are then assigned to companies that are past due on their loans or that have defaulted on their payment instrument. Hence, it is very important for you to know about these details if you consider taking any kind of loan.

How CIF number works & Why it is used for money transfers?

When you go for a transaction, your account is first checked for a CIF number. If the CIF number is valid and matches with the bank’s allocated code then only your account is considered genuine. Every bank has its own algorithm that assigns a unique code from within the bank to every individual account holder.

The individual account holders would be getting a CIF number as well as a personal account number. This combination will allow you to access the personal accounts of the CIF cardholder. Therefore, it becomes important to have good knowledge about the security features attached to these two numbers so that you can use them exclusively to gain access to your money.


If you are having any queries, feel free to write in the comment section below. I will try to help you out for sure. If you find this article useful then please share it with your friends and other colleagues. Also, check my other articles on Bandhan bank.

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