How to View & Get Commonwealth Bank Statement

At Commonwealth Bank, it’s easy to get your bank statement in several different ways, as detailed below.

You can choose the method that best fits your lifestyle and situation, and save yourself the time of having to go into the branch every month to pick up your statement or making the effort to go online every few days to check your balance via online banking.

So let’s take a look at how you can get your Commonwealth Bank statements conveniently in just minutes.

Things required getting Commbank Statement

  1. PDF readers Such As Adobe reader
  2. Net banking User Name & Password
  3. Mobile Banking Login Passcode

What Information is Included in a CBA Bank Statement?

The Commonwealth Bank Statement is a report of transactions for the previous month. It contains information about your account balances, interest earned, and fees charged. You should receive this document at least once a month so that you can keep track of your financial status.

The commbank statement usually includes the following items:

1. Balance your checking account at the end of the previous month

2. Number of transactions that occurred during the last calendar day of the month

3. Amount withdrawn from your checking account (if any such as money withdrawn from ATMs)

4. Amount deposited into your checking account by check or draft (if any)

5. Total interest earned on all check or draft deposits made during the previous month

6. Check overdrafts

Ways to get CommBank Statement

There are several ways to get your Commonwealth Bank Statement. You can either view it online, through the mobile app, or by requesting a physical copy.

To view your statement online, simply follow the Below Steps.

If you want a physical copy of your statement, you can request one at any time by calling customer service or visiting your local branch.

The mobile app also offers the ability to view and download statements.

Get Commonwealth Bank Statement through Net Banking

Step 1: Login to Commbank NetBank.

Step 2: Choose the view accounts & Select Statements option

Step 3: Select the account and statement period you want to review.

Step 4: You may choose to download or send a statement by Email.

Get Commonwealth Bank Statement through Commbank App – CBA

Step 1: Open the CommBank mobile app.

Step 2: Select View accounts.

Step 3: Select an account, and then tap the account name on the following screen to view your statement.

Step 4: Select the statement date after tapping View statement.

Step 5: Click the Share button if you wish to share or print.

How to get 90 day bank statement

Step 1: Login to Commbank NetBank.

Step 2: Choose view accounts Statements

Step 3: Select the account

Step 4: Select the statement period as 30 Days.                              

Step 5: You may choose to download or send a statement by Email.

Why You Might Need a Commonwealth Bank Statement

Bank statements are a useful tool for checking the balance of your account. They can help you to:

1. Identify any suspicious activity or unauthorized transactions.

2. To prove that you have sufficient funds in your checking account to cover any checks you write. If you don’t have enough money in your account to cover checks, you could be charged overdraft fees or bounced checks if they’re not paid promptly.

3. Check how much money is in your account. You can then compare this with your monthly income and expenditure. If there has been a large deposit or withdrawal, this may indicate an error in the way that your account was set up.

4. Check whether you are paying too much interest on the debt (such as payday loans). If so, you could contact the lender and ask them to refund some of the interest charged back to you.

How to Read Your Commonwealth Bank Statement

Here are some useful tips when reading a bank statement:

1. Look at all the transactions in detail. What is being paid? What has been paid? Compare one month against another to see if there are any payments or charges that have changed.

2. Check for any new charges or fees attached to your account (for example, for direct debits).

3. Read over each line carefully and check for details such as bank name (Commbank), branch name and account number.

4. Make sure you don’t have any outstanding bills that are due in the next few days, as these will be listed on your statement, and you may incur late payment fees if they aren’t paid.

5. Be sure to check for any fees or charges that may have been charged by the bank in addition to the interest rate that was paid on the loan (if applicable).

6. Look for transactions that occur at irregular times. For example, if you get paid on Friday each week, but your bank statement shows a transaction on Wednesday, there’s probably something fishy going on.

7. Look at all of the transactions within each category and make sure they match up with what you expect to see for each type of transaction (debit card purchases, etc.)

Final words

If you’re a customer of Commonwealth Bank, you can easily view and download your bank statements through the online banking portal. Simply follow the above steps.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact customer service for assistance.

As always, please keep in mind that if you see something suspicious on your statement or notice anything unusual, it’s important to call them right away so we can investigate it.

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