How to Get Interest certificate from Canara bank online

Is it possible to download Interest Online? Yes, you can now make a request for your Deposit Interest Certificate (DIC) online. The Canara bank has made this process very easy. All that you need is an account number and a Net Banking facility to avail of this service. Moreover, the bank will also not charge any fees for availing of this facility.

The Deposit Interest Certificate (DIC) is a document issued by a bank to the account holder which specifies the annual interest that the customer earns on his/her deposit. The certificate is issued once a year and it is customary for banks to send this document via post to their customers, who then have to go and collect the same from their bank branch in person.

Check below steps how to avail this beautiful facility: The certificate is issued in a PDF format, which can be downloaded and printed on request.

Ways to get an interest Certificate from Canara Bank

Before you start you must have Canara Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password

Steps by step method to download interest Certificate

Certificate work is one of the important parts of the Income Tax Department. Without the certificate, many works are not possible to do. This guide will help you to obtain Interest Certificate.

Step 1: Access the Personal Banking section by logging in. – Steps to register Canara Bank Net Banking

Step 2: In the main bar, select the Deposit option.

Step 3: Select TDS/Interest Certificate from the drop-down box.

Step 4: Select the Year Range on the following page, then click the Get TDS Button.

Step 5: You can now choose your quarterly option certificate.

Now you successfully got your Interest Certificate from Canara Bank, applying for an Interest Certificate with Canara Bank on their website is a very easy process.

2. Get Interest certificate through Branch

Are you still confused about how to download your interest certificate Online? Branch has become an unavoidable choice for getting an Interest certificate of delivery to you. Ask the branch staff for an Interest certificate and make sure you have your account number and proof of identification.


That’s it. These were all the tips to get your Interest Certificate from Canara Bank. If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. Our team will try our best to answer them. Have a nice day!

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