How to check if my icici account is salary account or not? Zero Balance account

What is a salary account?

In India, the salary account is quite popular. Employees of large corporations like Reliance and Tata have salary accounts. Employees of smaller companies also have salary accounts.

The ICICI Bank Salary Account for Employees is a savings account with a wide range of benefits including free debit cards, cheque books, and Internet banking facilities.

The account comes with a host of benefits such as reward points for every transaction, zero balance, free cheque book and free ATM withdrawals. ICICI Bank Salary Account for Employees also offers instant transfer of salary into employees’ accounts.

The ICICI Bank Salary Account is available for employees working in ICICI Bank. The account can be opened by any of the employees. The account can be opened by individuals or joint account holders.

How to know whether I have a salary account or not?

There are three ways to  check your account is a salary account or not

Way 1:  visit directly to the Branch and check with the bank officer.

Way 2: By calling customer care As You are a customer of ICICI Bank. Your query regarding Banking will be answered as soon as possible by the ICICI Customer services. 

Customercare numbers : 

  • For Personal Enquires – 1860 120 7777
  • Chennai – 044 33667777
  • Kolkata – 033 33667777
  • Mumbai – 022 33667777
  • Delhi – 011 33667777
  • Domestic Customers Travelling Overseas – +91-40-7140 3333

Way 3: Check, whether you have any Charges with a balance of zero.

Note: If the employee did not deposit the salary for 3 months or more, the bank could convert the salary account to a savings bank account of the employee.

Requirements for opening Zero balance account

The business organization must have at least 20 workers, a payment of Rs 36 lacs per year, and an average wage per user of Rs 15,000/month.

Documents Required for ICICI Bank Salary Account

In the case of submission, the documents can be scanned and uploaded on the portal. Please ensure that all supporting documents are original, clear copies.

Proof of Identity 

  • PAN Card
  • Photo
  • Authorization letter from the organization and should be signed and stamped
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID

Benefits of Salary Account in ICICI

  1. No minimum balance required
  2. Earn attractive reward points for every transaction.
  3. No annual fees for debit card 
  4. Tax benefits are available to account holders.
  5. The customer gets the most competitive interest rates on loans available.

Difference between salary account vs Savings account?

For most of us, a salary account is our first bank account. A salary account is really just a savings account. You deposit money, and the bank pays you interest. Often, banks let you pay into the account. A salary account is special because it pays you interest, and the money you earn is tax-free (limited).

Salary accounts are different from current accounts because the money you put in a salary account is your money. You own it, and you can keep or invest it in any way you want. For a salary account to be a savings account, you have to be able to withdraw your money at any time.

If you are in the habit of withdrawing money from a salary account every month, you are probably saving. But if you withdraw your money less often, you are probably not saving. If you tend to spend small deposits, you are probably spending. If you want, you can even put the money in your salary account on a credit card. A salary account is a kind of savings account, but a savings account is not the same kind of bank account as a salary account.

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