How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking? Step By Step

The Internet Banking facility of ICICI Bank has very simple and easy steps. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Internet Banking without having to go through the hassle of using a PC. With this service, you can now manage your banking transactions from any place around the world which has an internet connection.

With this facility, you can access your account status at any time of the day or night through a PC connected to the internet. 

In case you have not registered before, the process is quite simple as well as quick and straightforward. A few steps are required for an internet banking customer to use the facility (Steps Shown below).  

Once you have registered yourself successfully on the ICICI Bank website, it will generate a user ID and password for using the Internet Banking facility of ICICI Bank.

Requirements for Registering ICICI Net banking:

  • During this step, you need to have your bank’s registered Mobile number In hand.
  • Debit card number or Credit card number

Ways for Registering for ICICI Internet Banking

Registering for ICICI Internet Banking Online can open up a world of possibilities to you! ICICI offers many products and services that are useful to both individuals and corporate clients.

Now, with our online banking facilities, you can do all your banking from the comfort of your home. Well, not just from home but from anywhere in the world. You can have access to your bank account in a matter of a few minutes, you don’t have to wait in queues or stand in line in a bank or deposit cheques.

It provides you with your password and a password reminder and tells you how to log in to your account.

But not only do the instructions tell you how to log in to your account, there is also a link directly from the login page to an “Active Users” page. Here is what it has to say about logging in: “You will be provided a unique login ID and PIN, which will enable you to sign on to your online banking account.” That’s pretty clear: the way you log in is by signing on.

There are several ways to register for ICICI Internet Banking. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with ICICI Internet Banking. Let’s Start

How to Register for ICICI Internet Banking at Online

 The process of registering for ICICI Internet Banking at a Branch is quite simple. Just follow the below steps to register net banking.

Step 1: Go to the ICICI Bank website – Click here.

Step 2: Select the ‘Login’ option with ‘Personal Banking’.

How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking step 1

Step 3: To begin the registration procedure, click ‘Get User ID‘.

How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking step 2

Step 4: You can input your account number as well as your mobile phone number or debit card number or credit card number.

How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking step 3

Step 5: Enter the one-time password (OTP) that was sent to your phone or sometimes it asks Card Grid Details Enter it.

How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking step 4

Step 6: Now the User ID is sent to your Registered Mobile Number.

How to Register ICICI Bank Internet Banking step 5

Step 7: Return to the ICICI Bank main page and select ‘Personal Banking’ and then ‘New User’.

Step 8: Choose ‘I want my Password’ and then click ‘Click Here to Proceed’.

Step 9: Enter your User ID as well as your phone number.

Step 10: Set your password using the OTP provided to your phone number.

Step 11: The registration procedure is now complete, and you can log in using your username and password.

Documents required for registering ICICI Net banking

If you are a current ICICI Bank customer and would like to register for ICICI Bank Internet Banking, please bring the following documents along with you to your nearest ICICI Bank branch:

  • Photo (must)*
  • Adhar Card (must)*
  • PAN card (must)*
  • Driver’s license
  • Employee identity card
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport
  • Ex-serviceman card
  • Senior citizen card

How to Register for ICICI Internet Banking at Online a Branch

The following steps will help you register yourself for Internet Banking at a branch:

  1. Go to an ICICI Bank branch in your area.
  2. Fill out the internet banking registration form with your name, date of birth, phone number and more. (Registration forms will be provided by ICICI Bank Branches on request. The application form is available in both English and Hindi)
  3. Ensure that the info you provided is correct, sign it, and return it to the branch officer.
  4. Once you submit your application, the bank will send you a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.
  5. The branch officer will provide you with a welcome package and will walk you through the procedure.
  6.  Your Internet Banking account will get activated within 24 hours of submission of application. However, it is recommended that you verify your personal details after activating the account.

Benefits of ICICI Internet banking

I have been an ICICI Internet Banking customer for many years now. It’s a great way of keeping track of all your bank accounts. You can also pay bills with it. I have paid my electricity, telephone and water bills online. I have transferred money to my son’s account with this service. The money transfers are done very quickly and I am not required to go to the branch office to do it.

Another useful feature is that you can view your bank statement online and check for discrepancies in your account balances and transactions. For example, if you notice a discrepancy in your account, you can register it and get a refund immediately.

ICICI Internet Banking has many other features that make the use of this service even better than what we get at home or at our local branches. Internet Banking also offers better security than what we get at our bank branches. If we want to transfer money from one account to another, we don’t need to go to the branch office and stand in long queues waiting for our turn; we can do so right from home or any other place where we have Internet access.

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