How to use Axis bank gift card? Redeem Gift Card

What is an Axis Bank Gift Card?

The Axis Bank Gift Card is a prepaid, non-reloadable magnetic stripe based card on the RuPay platform. The card can be issued at Axis Bank Branches.

The cash withdrawal facility of the Axis Bank Gift Card is not available in most countries except India where it can be used for the purchase of any amount of goods and services at merchant locations accepting cards on the RuPay platform – both online and offline.

Gift cards are the latest to join the league of the e-commerce market. Especially for occasions like Valentine’s Day, people go in for gift cards that last longer. The idea behind card gifts is that instead of buying something, you can give it to someone to buy stuff they want.

There are multiple purposes behind gifting cards. Some might think that they are easier to carry while others can also be used as incentives to get people involved in loyalty programs.

How does an Axis Bank Gift Card work?

The Axis Bank gift card works similarly. It comes with a 16-digit number on the back of the card, which can be used to check the remaining balance on the card. 

The gift card works just like a debit card and has the same features. The amount on the card is considered to be your money. You can make purchases to any extent you want. Once the money is gone, it’s gone.

Just like with debit cards, you may also get a PIN for some of these cards so they can also be used at ATMs. But this only allows you to find out the balance. You can’t actually withdraw money using your gift card.

How to redeem or use an axis bank gift card?

Here we will see how to redeem the axis bank gift card. Anyone can buy this gift card and you can use the same in shopping online and other google play store stuff. You can also use these gift cards for paying bills like electricity, phone bills etc. 

Gift Card can be used at more than 4,00,000 RuPay enabled merchant outlets across the country – including retail stores and online merchants.

How do I check the balance on my Axis Bank Gift Card?

The balance enquiry facility is available on Internet Banking and also through mobile banking.

Let’s see how to check balance through Net banking

Step 1:  Visit the Official website.

Step 2: Go to the “Prepaid Card option” under the Internet Banking area or Visit.

Step 3: Enter Login ID and Password and click login.

Step 4: You see the balance On the homepage.


Login ID: Use 16 digit Axis Bank Gift Card number

Password: Given with kit

Let’s see how to check balance through Mobile

Dial to Tele-banking no: 022 – 67987700 which tells you to balance an axis bank gift card.

Types of Axis bank gift cards

There are many types of Axis bank gift cards. A new card is issued every time the customer purchases or redeems a card. A new card is issued with a unique number and the balance-on-receipt varies as per the value attached to the particular card.

1. Corporate gift card

Gifting employees and business partners is an important way of giving and showing appreciation and being appreciated. Corporate cards and gift cards such as the Axis Bank corporate gift card is a hassle-free, secure and convenient way to gift employees. It is easy to use, accepted across all the retail establishments with a Visa acceptance network. The advantage of using a Corporate Advantage Card is that there are no recurring fees or maintenance charges, your payment options are multiple.

2. Reward Gift Card

Axis Bank presents to you a prepaid gift card with reload facility. This can be used as a regular debit card over the counter at multiple locations, or it can be reloaded online. No bank account is required.

3. Meal Card

Meal Card is issued by corporate organizations like Axis Bank, ICICI bank etc. for disbursing tax-free amounts to employees of any India registered company at their expense of Lunch or Dinner. All such companies who are India registered and the main office are also located in India can apply for Corporate Meal Cards.

What are the benefits of an axis gift card?

The following are the benefits of axis bank gift Cards:

  • It is highly secure as it has a unique PIN number.
  • Users can load any amount between Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000.
  • Users can also avail of exciting offers and choose the balance amount as per their needs.
  • It is a good way to manage your expenses.
  • Payments can be made easily.
  • It can be used to purchase online products.


How to transfer money from an axis bank gift card to a bank account?

Currently No, You can’t load the Axis Bank Gift Card amount onto your Axis NetBanking account.

How do I buy the Axis Bank Gift Card?

Simply walk into any Axis Bank branch with your photo ID card and request an Axis Bank Gift Card. They’ll happily help you. To purchase an Axis Bank Gift Card, you need to carry any photo identity proof issued by a government agency.

You are not required to have an Axis Bank account to get an Axis Bank Gift Card. But, if you are interested in opening an Axis Bank account, an Axis Bank Gift Card is a good start!

Can I withdraw ATM cash on my Axis Bank Gift Card?

ATM access to the Gift Card is restricted, therefore no cash withdrawals are available. Only possible in Point of sale and online purchase.

What to do if an Axis Bank Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Losing your Axis Bank Gift Card can be both heartbreaking and frustrating. What should I do now? Will my money be safe? If you’ve ever wondered what to do if your Axis Bank Gift Card is lost or stolen, call customer service (022 – 67987700) right away, and proceed to the nearest bank to get a replacement card with the same amount as the lost card., these steps will help you understand the process and make sure your money is protected.

What is a web pin in the axis bank gift card?

A web pin is a four-digit pin, similar to an ATM pin, that is used for transactions. The consumer receives a PIN within the welcome kit of the Gift Card that he initially receives.

What is the Axis bank gift card customer care number?

Customer care for Axis bank gift cards is 022 – 67987700.

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