How to Pay Education loan in Canara bank online

You have taken an education loan from nationalised banks and now you want to pay it in Canara bank. Do you know the process of paying it in Canara bank? This article will help you in paying your education loan in Canara bank.

Loan repayment is one of the burdens most people have to bear. But it is easy to forget that loans are a necessity for not just education but also many other needs or higher studies. Education loans, car loans, home loans or personal loans all require you to make timely and regular repayments.

From repaying your education loan in Canara bank to dealing with EMI on your loan, maintaining a good credit score is as important as making timely repayments.

Step by Step Proces to pay education loan in Canara bank

If you are searching for how to pay an education loan in Canara bank then the best place procedure is here.

Step 1: Log in to Canara Bank Net Banking.

Step 2: Navigate to the Loans Section on the main Dashboard.

Step 3: Select “Loan Details & Repayment.”

Step 4: Now that you’ve seen all of the loans you’ve taken out, click the Loan Repayment Button, which is located just below the Educational Loan section.

Step 5: Enter the Amount to be Paid and click Continue.

Step 6: On the following page, enter the Transaction Password and the OTP received on your registered mobile number, then click Submit.

Now you have successfully Done your Payment for Education Loan.

Pay Through Visiting Branch

I want to pay my education loan EMIs amount in CBC / SBI, I don’t want the online facility so can I do it manually. Please let me know, how is the procedure of manual payment of EMI by cheque. Is there any other way to arrange the funds so that I can EMI from it..?

When we go to Canara Bank to pay our education loan, they will ask us for the amount we need to pay, and then they will simply ask for your account number. They will pay off your student loan. Before that don’t forget to fill up the challan.

How to Ask Extra time to pay Loan Amount

Even if you have successfully completed your education, but are unable to pay back your educational loan which is pending for years, at that time it is very difficult for you to clear the dues.

When you want to pay back the loan amount, but are not able to due to some reason, then you should check out from the authority and then request them in writing regarding your poor financial status or low income so that they can give you some extra time period to pay back the loan.


So, above are the whole information about how to pay education loan in Canara bank. We hope that this post will help you a lot. And if you have any queries or suggestions then please tell us in the comment box so that we can improve and provide you with better information. You also visit our other post about Canara Bank.

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