How to Register Mobile Number with Union Bank of India

For customers of Union Bank of India, it can be difficult to remember exactly where to go and what steps to take in order to register your mobile number with the bank. Luckily, this step-by-step guide will help you complete this process within minutes, from wherever you are!

Why do we need to register mobile number in bank account

One of today’s biggest threats is cybercrime. In fact, you could consider it an epidemic but how do we fight back? The answer is two fold:

1) by learning more about security, and

2) by taking positive steps to prevent identity theft.

A great first step for individuals looking to protect their information is registering their mobile number with their bank account so that they can easily receive alerts about suspicious activity on their accounts, much like you would from credit bureaus. If you want to open a Zero balance account online Here is a simple Step by step with Screenshots.

If you live in India and use the Union Bank of India, we suggest starting here! Below, we’ll walk you through how to register your mobile number with Union Bank of India.

Even if you don’t use Union Bank or aren’t based in India, remember that each country and financial institution has different procedures for completing transactions online.

Things need to Register Mobile Number in Union Bank

  • Mobile number with an active plan.
  • Internet Banking Login ID.
  • Or an ATM Card.

Ways to register Mobile number in Union Bank of India

One can register a new mobile number in Union Bank of India in three ways. Let’s look at all three ways so that you can decide which one is best for you

Fill out the mobile number registration form and submit it to UBI staff

In order to register your mobile number, you’ll need to take a photo of your valid government-issued ID and submit it in person at a UBI branch.

Step 1: Go to a nearby Union Bank of India branch or your home branch.

Step 2: To update your mobile number in the bank, ask for a KYC Update form or a Mobile Number Update form from the staff.

Step 3: Carefully complete the form and return it with a Xerox of your passbook and any ID proof.

Step 4: Keep your original ID proof on hand in case the bank staff asks to see it.

Step 5: You will receive an SMS message about your request after registering completely and successfully on the UBI Bank server and passing mobile number activation. Furthermore, you will receive daily updates from banks.

If your phone number is not successfully updated within a day or two, contact your bank and inquire about the request.

Update Mobile Number with UBI using Net Banking

You cannot register a mobile phone online for the first time. However, you may update your phone number. The only way to register a new mobile phone number for the first time is to visit a branch.

Since updating an existing mobile number doesn’t require visiting a branch and makes for easier account management, we recommend registering it online rather than in person at a bank branch. To do so:

Step 1: Log in to the BOI’s official website using your ID and password.

Step 2: Select “settings icon” above the Main menu.

Step 3: In Drop down list, select “My Profile.”

Step 4: On the page, click the “Update mobile number” button.

Step 5: Provide your “mobile phone number.”

Step 6: Enter the one-time password (OTP) that was sent to our mobile phone.

Step 7: Fill in the blanks with your Transaction Password.

Step 8: You should have received a successful message by now.

Update Mobile Number using UBI Mobile Banking

In order to make any transaction from your registered mobile number, you will have to first update your UBI mobile banking profile and provide your registered mobile number.

Step 1: Log in to your UBI Mobile Banking App.


Step 2: Click on ‘Profile’ and then click on ‘Mobile number’.

Step 3: Enter your 10 digits mobile number and submit it.

Step 4: OTP will be sent to your Old Mobile Number, Enter it And click submit.

Step 5: Now you got a successful Message.

Visiting nearest UBI ATM to update your phone number

UBI offers its customers a secure and convenient way to update and correct their registered mobile number by visiting any UBI ATM.

The steps to update your phone number are as follows. Please keep in mind that this method is only used for those who need to change their mobile phone numbers, not for new registrations.

Step 1: Insert your UBI Account ATM card.

Step 2: Select the registration option.

Step 3: On the next screen, enter the ATM PIN and then click the mobile number registration.

Step 4: Select New Registration.

Step 5: Choose In current” Option.

Step 6: Enter a new mobile number and press the Continue button.

Step 7: Re-Enter New Mobile Number again, then click Continue.

Step 8: You have now received an OTP to your new mobile number.

Step 9: Send an SMS to 567676 with the subject – Activate “OTP” “Reference Mobile” – within 4 hours.

Step 10: After sending the SMS, you received a successful message from the bank.

Benefits of registering mobile number in union Bank

Once you register your mobile number with Union Bank, you will get several benefits and opportunities.

1. These include A list of all registered customers that can be obtained from any branch or Regional Office. This helps in communicating important information quickly.

2. You may also be contacted for new product or service information or for participation in market research surveys which are periodically conducted by Union Bank. Members benefit from these market insights too.

3. One-time registration – Enrollment is a one-time process that does not need to be repeated every time you visit a bank branch or use their internet banking facility, eliminating redundant paperwork requirements.

4. SMS notification service

5. To receive an OTP, the details of the transactions will be sent to you via SMS.

6. SMS, USSD, and IVR channels provide direct access to the bank’s services.

7. There is no need to go to the branch for any transaction.

8. You will be notified of all account transactions in real time.

9. Product launch information.

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Final words

In India, we use our ATM cards more often than credit cards. Credit card fraud is commonplace in a country where identity theft runs rampant.

From an institutional perspective, banks have led consumers to believe that they’re protected from fraudulent activity if they lose their card and notify their bank quickly; for such a situation Mobile registration plays an important role.

A mobile number is used while making purchases online or at physical stores. Since your debit card has no protection whatsoever against unauthorized transactions, register your mobile number with your debit card.

Helps you as well as bank authorities track any attempts to illegally access your account by unscrupulous third parties.

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