How to Register Mobile Number with BOI Bank Account

A valid mobile number is mandatory while using an account with BOI bank. As you already have submitted your application form and now looking forward to getting registered your mobile number with boi bank. 

If the mobile number is not valid, then it takes a long time to process your account, so first check the Mobile number and then register with the Boi bank. If you find any issues or concerns about any account of yours then contact Boi Bank Customer Service as soon as possible.

Why we need to register mobile number with BOI

Mobile number registration for BOI is easy, and it will take only a few moments. The result of the registration is that you can open an account on the BOI app with just one tap and start using all services. 

We strongly recommend you to register yourself with a mobile number instead of an email address, because sometimes it happens that your Email address is not available and you become blocked from using other services of BOI.

Things need to Register Mobile Number in BOI

  1. Mobile number with an active plan.
  2. Internet Banking Login ID.
  3. Or an ATM Card.

Ways to register Mobile number BOI

1. By Fill Form and Submitting it to Branch.

2. By Visiting ATM machines.

3. By Using Net Banking Online.

Fill out the mobile number registration form and submit it to the BOI staff

1. Visit a Bank of India branch near you or your home branch.

2. In order to update your mobile number in the bank, ask the staff for a KYC Update form or a Mobile Number Update form.

3. Fill out the Form carefully and submit it with a Xerox of your passbook and Any ID Proof.

4. Keep your original ID proof on hand in case bank staff requests it shows.

5. After registering completely and successfully on the Bank server and passing mobile number activation, you will receive an SMS message about request. In addition to this, you will receive daily updates from Banks.

6. Your Phone number will be successfully updated within a day or two; if not, contact your bank and inquire about the request.

Procedure to Update Mobile Number with BOI Account using Net Banking

The best part about the procedure to update mobile numbers with a BOI account is, this can be done online. There are just a few steps that you need to follow, which I have mentioned below. Go ahead and give it a try, once!

Step 1: Visit the BOI’s official website and log in with your ID and password.

Step 2: On the Main menu, select “Options”.

Step 3: On the Sidebar, click the “My Profile” button.

Step 4: On the page, select the option to “Update mobile number”.

Step 5: Enter your “mobile phone number”.

Step 6: Enter the OTP that was sent to our mobile phone

Step 7: Type your Transaction Password.

Step 8: You have now received a successful message.

Visiting nearest BOI ATM to update your phone number

The following are the steps to update Phone number. Note : This approach is used just for those who need to change their mobile phone numbers, not for new registrations.

1. Insert your debit card and enter your PIN number.

2. Choose a language.

3. Select Other Requests.

4. Select Mobile No Update from the menus.

5. Enter the phone number, click OK, and then enter it again.

6. Enter OTP that was sent to your phone number and press Enter.

7. If OTP was validated, you will receive a successful message.

Benefits of registering mobile number in BOI

  • Faster and convenient loan processing
  • One stop shop for all your banking needs
  • Direct access to the bank’s services through SMS, USSD and IVR channels.
  • SMS alert service:
  • You will be informed about all the transactions of your account instantly.
  • No need to visit the branch for any transaction.
  • The details of the transactions will be sent to you through SMS
  • To Receive an OTP.
  • Info about Product launch.


Thank you for visiting us at your own will, we hope this article on our website was helpful to you. Registration of mobile numbers is actually very simple. The process is mentioned in the above methods. 

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