How to Remove a Transaction from Commonwealth Bank Statement

Have you accidentally made an online purchase that you no longer want? It’s frustrating to realize that there isn’t a refund or other way to undo the transaction, right?

This post will explain how, if you delete what happens, can you take transactions off of your Commonwealth Bank statement.

Is it actually possible to remove a transaction from the Commonwealth bank statement?

You can’t remove a transaction in your bank statement because the transaction has already been recorded.

The Commonwealth Bank statement is the document that shows details of all your transactions. You can view it in your online account or at a Commonwealth Bank branch.

Is it legal to take a transaction out of a Commbank statement?

You cannot take a transaction out of your bank statement, it’s not legal to do so.

This is because the Commonwealth bank statement is not a contract between you and the commonwealth bank. It’s simply a record of your transactions.

What’s more, banks are not allowed to alter or change the records that they have already given you. So if they give you your statements in paper format, then they have no choice but to keep them as-is.

Can I eliminate transactions using a third-party pdf to word converter?

There is an Alternative way to eliminate transactions but not 100 per cent safe.

You can use the software “PDF to Word” to convert your PDF file into a Word document.

The only problem with this method is that if your PDF file contains alignment or other formatting issues, They may only be able to take out certain parts of the document such as headers or footers that might contain personal data. Then the conversion process may break them and make them unreadable by your computer.

What happens if I submit a deleted transaction statement

If you submit a deleted transaction statement to the office, you will face problems by taking legal action, it may be subject to penalties from the court. The penalty may include a fine or jail time.

The law is very clear about this procedure. You can not submit a transaction statement that has been deleted. If the bank has already processed the transaction and sent it to you, then it is illegal for them to send you another one with the same information.

You should ask your bank for a new one and ask them to keep it in their computer system so that they cannot send out any more copies of it.

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