How to Reset Bandhan Bank Credit Card PIN?

Are you a Bandhan Bank customer? Then you must have had the problem of PIN generation. A new customer has to have his / her Credit Card / Debit Card PIN generated physically at the Branch or ATM when he/she opens an account.

But if your card is not available in your hand it can be a tough task. But worry not, there’s a solution! The solution lies in Bandhan Bank’s NetBanking website or mobile banking which lets you generate it online itself.

No matter, if you are a first time user, you can follow the given procedure and change the PIN or new PIN generation online from your registered mobile number within a minute. 

bandhan bank net banking

Requirements of Bandhan bank Credit Card pin generation

  • Registered Mobile number to receive OTP
  • Net banking User ID & Password or Mobile Banking App

Steps to Generate Bandhan bank Credit card pin using Net banking

Follow the instructions outlined below. Please use the same procedure to generate a pin and do not skip any stages

1. Go to Bandhan bank official login page.

2. Login with a Net banking User ID and Password – If you don’t have internet banking, Register and activate first to do that read this article – How to Register/Activate Bandhan bank Net banking online.

3. After successful login, go to “My services” option on the main menu from the drop-down menu, click on Credit Card Services.

4. Now, Choose Re-generate Card PIN.

5. Select Your card number along with the expiry year and month.

6. After completing the above steps, all you need to do is enter your transaction password.

7.  Enter the OTP received on your registered phone numbers.

8.  At the last step, you need to enter a new pin for a Credit card.

Steps to Generate Bandhan Credit Card pin using Mobile banking

Bandhan mobile banking app (mBandhan) is one of the finest apps that is available for the android phone which will let you do all your transactions very easily. And you can even generate a Credit card PIN very easily with this app.

1. Open the mBandhan app & Log in to it.

2. Now select the Cards option.

3. Next, pick the Credit card option.

4. Select your debit card number, as well as the expiration month and year.

5. Please enter your new Bandhan Card PIN as well as Transaction PIN and click Submit button.

You have successfully generated a new PIN with the necessary digits. Your PIN generation will be enabled by default as soon as it is generated for you.

Steps for Bandhan Credit pin generation by visiting nearest ATM

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate an ATM machine in the city or nearest you with your Credit card

1. Once you reached ATM Insert your card.

2. Select Banking Option and follow that PIN Generation Option.

3. Enter your mobile number that is registered

4. Now you received an SMS with an OTP from Bank

5. Reinsert the card Again and go to the PIN Generation menu.

6. Click on input OTP 

7. Input your mobile number and OTP next.

8. After Sucess authentication, you need to enter New PIN for your credit card.

This is to inform you that you have successfully completed the change of your PIN number on your new card.


In this article, I will teach you about How to generate atm PIN online/offline without survey play store/Appstore & you can also make atm cash with it. Thank you for your time and attention. Hope this article and blog is helpful and useful. Please share and comment to help spread the word. Leave a comment if you want to tell us something.

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