Sbi Atm Card Application Form: How to Fill up & Apply for

An SBI ATM card can make it easier to take out cash from an ATM machine and avoid long lines at the teller window. In order to apply for an SBI ATM card, you must be the owner of an existing SBI savings account and meet the eligibility requirements of your bank’s ATM network.

Each bank has its own requirements and procedures, so you should contact your financial institution directly if you have any questions about obtaining an SBI ATM card.

In general, the process involves filling out an application form, providing copies of identification and submitting your payment information to your bank. Let’s See in Detail

Requirements for apply SBI ATM

You must have an account with any state bank of India (SBI) branch. If you do not, then you need to first apply for a savings account and link it with your ATM card.

You can do that by going directly to a bank branch or through online banking or mobile banking options provided by SBI.

You need to be eligible (18 years or older) and provide proof of identity, such as your passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card or Voter ID.

Once you open your account, you need ATM/Debit card. You can submit the application form at any branch of State Bank of India. There are some documents required for an ATM card such as

  • Bank Passbook
  • Application Form
  • Any ID proof (Orginal)

Types of ATM Cards from State Bank of India

There are mainly four types of ATM cards issued by the State Bank of India.

1. Regular ATM card: This is the most common type of ATM card and can be used at any ATMs across the country.

2. Gold ATM card: This card is meant for customers who maintain a large balance in their accounts. The cardholder gets complimentary membership to the Priority Pass program, which gives them access to over 1,000 airport lounges across the world.

3. Platinum ATM card: This is a premium version of the Gold ATM card and offers similar benefits as the Gold card, with added rewards such as complimentary rental car protection and travel insurance.

4. Imperial ATM card: This is the most exclusive type of ATM card offered by the State Bank of India and is meant for High Net Worth Individuals (HNI). The cardholder gets a host of benefits such as complimentary lounge access, concierge service, and a higher withdrawal limit.

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How to Fill SBI ATM Card Application Form?

SBI ATM Card Application Form can be filled in both online and offline mode. In online mode, you need to visit the official website of the State Bank of India and then fill in the required details.

In offline mode, you can get the form from any SBI branch and then fill it up. The steps for filling out the form are as follows:

  • The first section is Personal Details where you have to fill in your name, age, sex, and other personal information.
  • The second section is Address Details where you have to mention your permanent and present address.
  • The next section is Communication Details where you have to provide your email ID and mobile number.
  • In the next section, you have to choose the type of ATM card you want. There are three types of cards- Regular

Download Form in PDF

Guidelines in Applying for an SBI ATM Card

  • Your application must be filled out completely and accurately. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must accompany you in person when applying for an ATM card, as well as sign your application form when submitting it.
  • If any information on your application is found to be inaccurate after processing has begun, your ATM card request will likely be cancelled and no refund will be given if applicable (the fee is 100 rupees).

  • An ATM card can only be issued by a branch that has been authorized by State Bank of India to issue them.
  • Each applicant must have his/her own bank account at State Bank of India in order to apply for an ATM card; joint accounts can also apply for one.
  • There is a minimum balance requirement of 1000 Rs per month, which must be maintained in order to avoid penalties.
  • The ATM card cannot be used outside of India unless otherwise specified by State Bank of India, and international transactions may carry additional fees.

There may be additional requirements depending on where you live and which state you reside in; please contact your local branch for more details about what these requirements might entail before going there to apply for an ATM card.

You must present valid identification such as a driver’s license or other government-issued ID in order to apply for an ATM card.

Tips on Safely Using your ATM Machine

The ATM is a convenient and reliable way to get cash when you need it, but it can be dangerous if you don’t follow some simple tips.

  • Before leaving your home, make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you expect to return.
  • Take a friend with you it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Make sure no one is following or watching you before even entering your pin number into an ATM machine.
  • And most importantly, try not to carry large amounts of cash on you while out in public. If possible, keep most of your money in a safe place at home and only take out small amounts as needed. Don’t put yourself in danger by carrying around too much cash!

The ATM is a great convenience that we often take for granted, but there are still dangers associated with using these machines. By following these tips, you can feel confident that you will stay safe when using your ATM card.

A bank account is a necessity for many people today, especially those who have recently moved to a new city or country.

Purpose of SBI ATM Card Application Form PDF

In case you don’t do renewal two months prior to its expiry date, then for every month of delay in renewal, Rs 5/- would be charged as a penalty per month.

You can also get your ATM card replaced within a year of its expiry date or get damaged.

ATM Card renewal is different from ATM Card application. You can renew your ATM card at any time before its expiry date. But it’s highly recommended that you should do renewal at least two months prior to its expiry date so that there would be no loss of interest.

For that, you have to visit any branch of State Bank of India along with your old ATM card, Identity proof and Address proof are different from the application of the new ATM Card. You will be charged if you apply for a replacement in case your card is lost/stolen/damaged etc.

You can apply for a new ATM card at any of your nearest branches of State Bank of India. You will have to fill up an application form.

You may be asked by bank officials to furnish other relevant documents in order to proceed with your application process.

If you are applying for a replacement, then you need to pay Rs 100 – 200/- as fees per ATM card. For those who are applying for new cards, they need not pay any fees or charges except address and identity proof which is mandatory.


This article has looked at SBI’s ATM Card Application Form. We have discussed the different sections of the form and what is required in each section. We have also looked at some of the common mistakes people make when filling out the form.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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