How to Set Limit for Bandhan bank debit card – ATM card

Bank Debit card is one of the most convenient modes of digital transactions among all the cards. Bandhan Bank Debit Card allows you to do several transactions online, retail shop, ATM transactions at Bandhan ATMs, etc. but there are limits in using your debit card for making purchases and withdrawals through ATM.

Lets’ take a look at the limits and ways you can increase and decrease the withdrawal and transaction limits on your Bandhan Debit Card if required:

Types of Debit cardwithdrawal limitPOS, and Online PurchaseATM Limits
Rupay / Visa Classic40,0001,00,000After the first 5 free transactions, a charge of Rs 20 is applied, and only 5 transactions are permitted every day.
Visa Platinum1,00,0004,00,000After the first 10 transactions are free, Rs 20 is billed for each transaction, with a daily limit of 15 transactions.
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Required for the set limit to your Bandhan Debit Card (any One)

  1. Net banking USER ID & Password or Mobile banking
  2. Registered mobile number to receive OTP*. If you lost your number what to do here is the article How to change registered mobile number in Bandhan bank

How to increase or Decrease Bandhan bank debit card withdrawal limit per day using net banking

It is very easy to set the limit for your Bandhan atm card, please follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1: Open Badhan Bank net banking website on your computer/smartphone.

Step 2: Enter your Customer ID/Username and Password to log in to your account. – If you don’t register or activate internet banking plz follow our step by step guide about How to Register/Activate Bandhan bank Net banking online.

Step 3: Then from the main page, click on “My service” option from the main menu.

Bandhan bank Debit Card service

Step 4: Now, from the drop-down box, click on the “ Debit card Services” option.

Step 5: On the next page, select the ‘” Spend Control Features “.

Step 6: From the next page, select the Card Number from the list and also the account number. You can view the “Bandhan debit card settings” for your card.

Step 7: If you desire, you may now set the limit by switching the yes button and doing so for Daily Domestic Usage/Limits, and under ATM usage. (You can input an amount up to the maximum limit displayed on the table.) If you select no, you can set the default value to the maximum. For example: If you want to charge up to say 30,000 for online payment, enter 30,000 in the box.

Step 8: Similarly, You can increase the limits of different categories at once by tapping and selecting the amount you would like.

Step 9: Finally, after filling in all the necessary boxes click on the “Submit” button. This will save all your changes.

Step 10: Enter a transaction PIN to continue. If you are having problems with this step, contact your bank.

Step 11: You have received a One-Time Password (OTP) to the registered mobile number, Enter into the Box.

Step 12: Finally, you’ll get a confirmation screen; if everything is ok, click confirm.

After successful completion of all the steps, you will be able to see that your transaction limit has been altered to the respective amount; then, proceed with making your payment using your debit card.

How to set Bandhan bank Debit Card limit using mBandhan mobile banking app!

mBandhan mobile app is a mobile banking application in which you can access all your bank accounts from a single place including Debit Card.

Follow the below steps to increase or decrease the debit card limit:

Step 1: Log in to mBandhan first.

Step 2: Click “Cards,” then go to “Debit Card Services.”

Step 3: Enable Domestic/International “Ecom Transactions” and establish a Spend Limit.

Step 4: Use the Transaction PIN to authenticate.

Step 5: Follow the same procedures to go to the debit card services page, where you may enable domestic and international ATM transactions and establish a transaction limit.

Step 6: Use the Transaction PIN to authenticate again.

You have successfully set the limit for your Bandhan bank Debit card. So I’m sure, now you never worry about your card being declined anywhere. 

Why We need Set limits on your debit card?

To Manage & Control your spending limits

We should have to control our expenses. A lot of people put their debit card as a first option as a source to spend money because they think that they could spend as much as they want until that moment their balance will reach zero.

if you have a limit, you cannot overspend your balance, and it is highly effective in reducing the unnecessary and unplanned shopping and expenses and it’s time to control your spending.”

To Prevent Frauds

Most of us don’t realize it but, the debit card is the new credit card. According to statistics, debit card frauds are increasing along with other credit card related crimes. The main reason behind these fraudulent activities is our easy access to plastic money. We don’t think beyond using debit cards for small day-to-day purchases. But, this should change!


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