(PDF) Union bank Education Loan Application form Download

Union Bank of India offers its customers an education loan scheme for higher education, to enable the fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations.

Union Bank of India’s education loan application form can be downloaded here in PDF format along with its terms and conditions so that you can get the process going immediately after filling it up and submitting it to your nearest branch of Union Bank of India. The link to download this PDF file is given below!

What is Union Bank Education Loan?

Union Bank Education Loan is an education loan scheme offered by Union Bank of India. It is a scheme that is designed to help students who need financial assistance for their higher education. The loan can be used for pursuing courses in India or abroad.

The loan has a number of features that make it attractive to students. These include a low-interest rate, flexible repayment options, and a wide range of courses that are covered by the loan.

The loan can be used to finance a variety of courses, including graduate and postgraduate courses, professional courses, and courses offered by deemed universities.

Features of Union Bank Education Loan

Union Bank of India offers an education loan which has many features that make it attractive to students and their parents. Some of the features of the Union Bank education loan are listed below.

– The interest rate on the education loan is very competitive and is fixed for the entire loan tenure. This makes budgeting for the loan much easier, as the monthly payments will be the same throughout the loan term.

– There is no pre-payment penalty charged on the Union Bank education loan. This means that borrowers are free to pay off their loan early if they wish, without incurring any extra charges.

– The Union Bank education loan also comes with a flexible repayment option. Borrowers can choose to pay either monthly or yearly instalments, based on their preference.

– There is also a moratorium period offered on the Union Bank education loan. This allows borrowers to not make any repayments for the first six months after they complete their studies. This gives borrowers some time to get settled into their new jobs and start making payments on the loan.

Eligibility for Union Bank Education Loan

The Union Bank Education Loan is available to students who are citizens of India and meet the bank’s eligibility criteria. To be eligible for the loan, you must:

  • be an Indian citizen
  • be a student at an accredited university or institution of higher learning
  • have a valid ID card
  • provide proof of admission to an accredited university or institution of higher learning
  • provide proof of income or sponsorship from a third party (if working)
  • provide a guarantor
  • If you are a non-resident Indian (NRI), then you need to provide collateral security in India.

The Union Bank Education Loan is available for students in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs. The loan amount may vary depending on the program of study and the university or institution of higher learning.

Documents Required for Union Bank Education Loan

– Completed application form and credit details

– KYC documentation for the applicant and co-applicant/guarantor (if applicable):

  • Identity evidence (Pan Card/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar Card, for example)
  • Proof of residency (driver’s licence, passport, utility bill, etc.)
  • newest passport-sized picture
  • Borrower/Co-borrower/ITR Guarantor’s or Income Proof, if any.

– Borrower/Co-borrower/most Guarantor’s recent 12 month bank statement (with us or another bank / financial institution)

– Caste certificates are solely necessary for statistical purposes only.

– Documents for academic use:

  • Admissions documentation (admission letter)
  • Mark reports and certificates for all exams completed
  • Expense schedule for the course
  • Letter awarding a scholarship, freeship, or studentship, for example.

Please keep in mind that this is only a sample list; any other document may be obtained based on the specific case’s needs.

How to Apply for Union Bank Education Loan?

1. Download the Form by clicking “Download button”.

2. Fill in all the required details such as Name, Contact Information Select Personal Loan on Scheme Type (*) – important to fill and click Submit.

3. The bank will evaluate the application and contact you if found eligible.

Steps to Apply education Loan Online. Note You must visit Branch and Fill Application Form

Why Is a Union Bank Educational Loan Right For Me?

If you’re in school or planning to go to school, an education loan is right for you. Here are some of the reasons why a Union Bank educational loan is your best option.

They have one of the lowest interest rates among all lenders and offer a flexible repayment schedule that can help fit into your financial needs.

The most important thing about taking out an education loan from Union Bank is that it allows you to focus on what matters most your studies while allowing you to repay at a pace that works with your budget and career goals.

How to get the best deal on your education loan?

When you’re taking out a loan to pay for your education, getting the best deal is important. Here are a few tips to help you get the best rate:

1. Shop around. Compare interest rates and terms from different lenders.

2. Consider a private loan. Private loans typically have lower interest rates than federal loans.

3. Consolidate your loans. Consolidating your loans can lower your interest rate and monthly payment.

4. Use a co-signer. A co-signer can help you get a lower interest rate on your loan.

5. Make payments on time. Making timely payments can help improve your credit score, which can help you get a lower interest rate on your loan.


If you meet all conditions and fall into a specific category, such as being from a low-income household or in a particular geographical location, apply for an education loan through Union Bank. You can apply education loan online by submitting copies of your application form and documents. Or, you can visit any branch to submit your application form.

After processing your application at both levels, your loan will be disbursed directly to your school within seven days. The bank does not charge any fee for processing your application.

Thank you for reading my post about (PDF) Union Bank of India – Education Loan Application Form Download. I hope it helps you find the information that you are looking for!

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