How to Change Email ID on Bandhan Bank Online

If you’ve recently moved to a new address, or want to change your old email ID, you’ll need to inform your Bank of the change. The entire process of updating your email ID on your Bank Account might appear tricky to you especially if you are unaware of the steps involved.

The steps are simple. Log in to Online Banking and proceed with the following steps. 

Why Updating your email id is important? 

Updating email id in banks is important because it is used to receive alerts regarding bank transactions, crediting and other transaction-related information. This will fulfil the user requirement. This will not only fulfil the requirement of the bank but also help the customer keep track of any communication that they wish to receive from their bank.

Steps to change email id in Bandhan bank

You can change your email address via a mobile app, internet banking, or by visiting a branch. Using the mBandhan app is a straightforward and fast approach to updating your email address.

1. Change/Update email via mBandhan mobile app

Follow the steps to update the e-mail Id using the mBandhan mobile app. 

To do this you must register and activate mBandhan mobile banking. If you don’t have mobile banking and know How to register Bandhan bank mobile banking read this post.

Step 1: Open the mBandhan app and log in using a PIN.

Step 2: Go to the services tab.

Step 3: On their service section there is an option called Update Email ID. 

Step 4: On the next page you need to enter a new email ID with Transaction PIN and click submit. 

Step 5: After your transaction PIN is verified, your email address gets updated. 

Finally, you modified your email address, which takes anything from minutes to hours to update on the system.

2. Change/Update email via Bandhan net banking

If you are not happy with the above technique, follow the steps below to update your e-mail address using net banking. To do this you must have an internet banking user id and password. If you don’t have an ID and password read this article about How to register and get a USER ID and Password

bandhan bank net banking

Step 1: Go to Bandhan bank official site.

Step 2: Log in with your user id and password. 

Step 3: In the main dashboard go to the Profile option.

Step 4: On the Profile page, you’ll see a pen icon nearby the mail ID option click on that.

Step 5: Now you need to enter a new Email ID with the Transaction PAssword.

Step 6: Finally Click Submit. Now you Successfully Changed your Email ID.

3. Change/Update Email Via Visiting Branch

Go to the Nearby Bandhan Bank branch and ask for an Email Update Form or KYC Update Form. Fill out the form as completely as possible.

  • Account Number
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Email ID
  • Signature  as per record at the bank
  • Date

After completing the form and submitting it to the bank’s personnel, they will confirm your signature and update your email address. Following the update, you received a message to your registered mobile number.

bandhan bank

What are the benefits of registering an email ID in the Bandhan bank?

There are many benefits of updating your email ID in banks. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. To get Bank E-statements.
  2. Transaction notifications.
  3. Send or receive documents.
  4. Recive Offers.
  5. Secure Communication with Bank.
  6. To Register Compaint or Queries.


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