What is Password to Open Bank of India statement PDF?

Opening BOI bank statement pdf password is a common problem faced by many users. As technology improves, criminals are also getting better in their methods of stealing information. The government has taken measures to ensure that people’s data is safe and secure.

But not everyone has the patience to follow all the safety measures, which can leave them vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers. Here’s how you can open the BOI bank statement pdf password.

Steps to Open Password of PDF format of Bank of India Statement

The following are the steps for unlocking the password of the Bank of India statement’s pdf format:

If a user wants to open this kind of file for personal use then he/she has to install an application on desktop just like Adobe Reader The application will have to be downloaded from the Internet.

When you try to open the bank’s Statement file, it gives you a message that says, “Enter the Password.” Following that, you get two options: “cancel” and “Enter the Password.”

Password for the Mobile number is the first four digits and the last four digits of your registered mobile number with the bank.

For example: if the registered mobile number is 8333658777, the Statement PDF Password will be 83338777, which has to be entered in the Password area and then Click Enter Option.

In addition, the password is also provided in the email sent to the user by the bank.

After opening the PDF you can find details of your bank transactions that have occurred in the account, such as withdrawals deposits and transfers.


Q: What are the benefits of using a BOI bank statement pdf password?

Using BOI bank statement pdf password ensures security, privacy and protection. And sharing this information with the relevant authorities is easier if a PDF file exists of your financial history.

Q: How much does it cost to open a BOI bank statement password?

You don’t require any money to open PDF Statement. Owing to the security, privacy and safety concerns of a person was involved in opening Bank of India. Accounts PDF has the tendency to use more sensitive information, high-value data.

Q: Is there a way to recover BOI bank statement pdf password?

Yes, there is a way to recover BOI bank statement password as well, but it has its risks and implications on your privacy by commercial third party information, that can be accessed without the knowledge of the Bank Of India account holder.

Q: How do I open bank statements in PDF format?

Open a document with the application name ‘Abobe Reader’ from the internet.

Q: Does my BOI bank statement password expire?

No, Your BOI bank statement password will not expire after a certain period of time.

Q: How can I check my BOI statement?

A list of all your bank account holders can be found on the BOI website. You have to log in and make sure that you are looking at PDF Statement or Account statement with this app, before submitting a complaint.

Q: What if I forget my BOI bank statement PDF password?

For your convenience, we have applied some simple tips that would help in recovering the Bank of India Account password, which has been saved as a HASH CODE or encrypted text file inside a PDF File known as Encrypted File.

If You forgot any of this information then use the password shown above or Download New Statement.

What are the benefits of the Bank of India Account Statement?

The Bank of India account statement gives detailed information about the status of your bank balance.

  1. It includes withdrawals and transfers made through the internet, phone or branch, deposits and other general transactions such as ATM withdrawals or cash advances.

2. It also provides detail on numerous banking programs with which you may have a relationship including overdraft protection plans, loans etc, to conduct business at no cost. It displays interest rates depending on the term for various financial products, available prior to opening a new account and lists the terms applied to credit card accounts.

3. You can check your past transactions which are verifiable, send electronic or paper statements of payee details by mailing ID proof at no additional cost.

4. The online statement also lets you print a ROC for charge cards with different identification numbers; there is a convenience fee in addition to what charges may have been made by such a transaction. Some banks don’t have this option.

5. The statement of all your transactions is on a monthly basis, plus summaries during the year in a single document that lets you keep track of how much and when investment money was deposited vs withdrawn from your account including deposits made through e-transfers.


The Bank of India has been using email statements bank for the convenience of its customers. It is a system that allows customers to view their account information and make transactions without having to visit a branch.

I wish this article is helpful for you, if you feel any doubt drop a comment section and I will check and answer it for you. I think you like it! – Read more About BOI (Bank of India)

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